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Steve Harmon - 2018 hello

here we go

Steve Harmon

January 4 · Issue #15 · View online
Beyond the hype, inside the world of venture capital, tech, stocks and trends, from Silicon Valley to Shanghai, from veteran investor and entrepreneur Steve Harmon - followed by many leaders in finance and tech, see more:

here we go

ripping ahead in 2018 with ripple (xrp)
just a quick heads up and best wishes to you for 2018. back in november i introduces you to a little-known crypto currency called ripple when it was 25 cents per coin…  and said it could be $3 in january. 
well, here we are and ripple (which i own) is now more than $3 per coin, more than 1000% gain since my recommendation.
and i think it could be on its way to $30 this year…hold on…
i’m writing this while traveling so forgive the lower case as i’m on iphone.
i haven’t used laptop since last january…what’s a computer, right? which seems odd to say since back in the day i sold all of ‘em starting with the vic-20 to amiga to pc to apple to mac.
the days when nobody wanted a computer…
and then there was that little thing called the internet that i jumped into in 1994 and said would be bigger than any other media.
the new subset of the internet is crypto currencies and if you think 2017 was big in that way then 2018 could be x factor bigger.
many of you know i recommended one of these cryptos called ripple (xrp) which you can track on coinmarketcap and elsewhere.
i think while we’re on the subject of market cap it’s time for an explanation of what that means in the crypto world — and also for me to suggest to the crypto community a better term than “market cap”.
it can be confusing to newbies. why? because in the stock world market cap is the value of a company…but in crypto it isn’t…
circulating value
crypto currency market cap is the price x circulating supply… which muddled the idea to me.
i suggest the crypto world adopt a clearer term that speaks to what the total value of the coins are … my suggestion is
“circulating value”
that better describes the reality of the total coin value.
and it also means the company behind any crypto currency can have its own market cap or market value.

total value = circulating value
so, with circulating value we get a better picture of he potential of cryptos versus fiat currencies.
there are several trillion dollars in fiat currencies circulating now - dollars, yen, yuan, pounds, etc.
now compare that to the sum of all 1300 crypto currencies circulating which is about $765 billion.
which is nothing versus fiat currencies.
my thesis here is that cryptos could be 10x - 50x or more in circulating value than old-fashioned fiat currencies.
and now you begin to see the upside potential ahead. rising tides…
while bitcoin got the early hype i think time is showing that others hold vast potential. that’s why i own ripple and am looking at a few more potential winners.
in my view many aren’t that high quality…so i’m being careful.
anyway, hoping the best for you in 2018.
steveharmon @
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