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Thinking In Public

February 12 · Issue #1 · View online
I appreciate the build in public movement. It allows people to share ideas, get feedback and learn quickly. So why not do the same with our thinking? That’s what I try to do with this monthly newsletter, send on the last Sunday of each month. The current iteration has 3 sections: - Clarify - Something I’ve tried to think through. - Consider - Ideas I’m playing with. Normally with questions. - Collect - Thinking I’ve collected from others. All thinkers welcome.

Here it goes; my first ever newsletter. As with everything I share, this is work in progress. Any feedback appreciated. 
I wanted to share context as to why I’m doing this. Scott Belsky said it so well in his recently launched newsletter, that I’ll let him say it for me:
I benefit greatly from the writers and curators in my life that bring insights, research, and alternative perspectives to my attention. With this new ~monthly digest, I hope to do the same for friends and fellow enthusiasts of technology, design, and making ideas happen.
Swap *design* for *business* and that rings true for this newsletter. Thanks, Scott.

What I've Been Thinking About
1. Time, money, skills, productivity and how they relate to each other - I’ve been on a productivity binge since the turn of the year.  I’ve been writing and reading and thinking more in the last 30 days than I did in the 12 months before. It’s been great. It’s also made me think a lot about the old adage “time is money”. Of course, this is a simplified statement although the basic principle is useful. It doesn’t sit well with me though, because it doesn’t have any indication as to how we could impact either time or money. I have a few ideas on how that expression could be altered to be more useful, more applicable. Blog post to come on this.
2. Internalising ideas - I’ve been reading a lot of great content. When I read something great, I try to internalise it. What is the take away? How can I implement this? As I’m doing this, I’m also trying to think of the best process for internalising. It’s sort of like studying for an exam. There is the actual time studying. But there is also the technique of studying. Everyone has an optimal way of studying. I’m trying to find my optimal way of internalising ideas.
3. Momentum and energy - Sam Altman brought this to my attention (see video below) and I’ve been pondering it since. How are momentum and energy linked? Sam suggests that we have more energy when we work on things that are going well and have momentum. This begs the question, how can we foster momentum to in turn boost energy?
4. Cost of living - Exactly that. I’ve been thinking about specifically the cost of living in London vs other cities and how this is relevant in a world where your income is not necessarily tied to location.
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Just One Link
How To Build The Future - Sam Altman
So many takeaways in this. Worth the 21 minutes to watch. I’ll be sharing notes on this soon as well.
I finished War of Art and am now reading Turning Pro. War of Art was great and it seems that Turning Pro could be even better. I’ll share notes on both when I’m done. (Thanks to Matt for the recommendation). 
My brother and one of my best friends have both recently started working,  having spent the best part of two years travelling. It’s been fun to share with them some of what I’ve learned in the few years I’ve been working. I hope its been useful for them.

That’s it for the first newsletter. One love.
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