Stellar Recap

By Stella Min

Stellar Recap is my personal newsletter where I share digest of interesting media that I've come across during the week, along with any personal updates.

Stellar Recap is my personal newsletter where I share digest of interesting media that I've come across during the week, along with any personal updates.

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Stellar Recap | Re-envisioning Work & Auction Diving

Re-envisioning work. Around 4 million people quit their jobs in April, which is the highest rate ever recorded since the Bureau of Labor Statistics first began publishing these data in December 2000. The quit rate was the highest among restaurant workers, fol…


Stellar Recap | FI(RE) Strategies & I Bonds

FI(RE) strategies. This week, I've been exploring the evolution of the FIRE movement. If you're unfamiliar, FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early and the movement consists of a community of individuals who are strategically maximizing savings an…


Stellar Recap | Town Ownership & Pocket Listings

Town ownership. A town in California, called Nipton, can be yours for the price of $2.75 million. This is a discount from the $5 million price tag the current owner paid in 2017. It's not the only one for sale. There are several others for sale in the US and …


Stellar Recap - Vaccine Sweepstakes & No Burpers

Vaccine sweepstakes. California, Oregon, New York, Maryland, and Colorado are giving away cash prizes to several lucky COVID-19 vaccine recipients: Colorado will award $1 million to vaccinated resident each week, starting June 4 to July 7. In Oregon, one luck…


Stellar Recap | mmm Airtable & Co-living

mmm Airtable. I explored two no code tools this week. The first is a drag-and-drop webpage builder called mmm, which I used to build this landing page. It's a lot like my linktree profile but mmm includes more options for customization and allows you to creat…


Stellar Recap | Vicarious Validation & Claiming the Unclaimed

Vicarious business validation. Several years ago, I started an ambitious list of business ideas and products that I would someday look into. That list has mostly gathered dust as smart entrepreneurs have managed to turn these ideas into reality. For example, …


Stellar Recap | Inflated Consequences & ETHEReal Surprise

Inflated consequences? Last week, I explored the implication of current economic trends, particularly the rising costs of common goods and residential real estate. In case you're wondering, little has changed. Prices are still surging for durable goods like u…


Stellar Recap | Economic Hot Potato, Housing Market Woes, & Nomad Lifestyle

Email is complicated. I've been investigating why my newsletter may be going to the Promotions folder in Gmail and it turns out there's a lot of reasons. It could be anything from the receiver's inbox preferences, my subject line, the size of my message, and/…


Stellar Recap | eAddendum, Hospitality 2.0, & YOLO Economy

Stellar Addendum. I explored another newsletter platform called elink last week. I tested the platform by sharing some of the content that I cut from my previous newsletter. It was super easy to use and the newsletter issues look great after you publish them …


Stellar Recap | Cruciverbalism, mRNA Vaccines, & Memery Lane

Hello there, I'm Stella and you're receiving this email because you signed up for Stellar Recap, a weekly newsletter where I share my latest explorations, discoveries, and updates. Thank you for being here. If you enjoy the newsletter, please share it with a…


Stellar Recap | Personal Finance Culture & Brood X

Time to go back to Excel. Last week, I started trialing, an app that tracks the amount of time you spend on a given task. The app was useful, but it's designed around billable projects, rather than tracking your personal productivity, which is wh…


Stellar Recap | Newsletters, Productivity, & One Thing Project

Much ado about newsletters. This week, I've been testing different newsletter platforms and productivity apps. As you can see, I've settled on Revue. I initially chose ConvertKit upon discovering that the company launched a paid newsletter option. ConvertKit'…