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StealthEX Crypto Newsletter — Issue #16. Hype It Up!

StealthEX Team
StealthEX Team
The crypto space is often described as the “hype market”. It is majorly accurate – the news, celebrities’ public speeches, and company announcements influence the prices of assets, their widespreadness and the will of people to own certain coins. 
For the past few years, we have seen some projects going sky-high from a tweet or two. Let’s dive into these cases and try to understand how the hype of public announcements can influence crypto prices, adoption and users’ attitude. StealthEX team is here to help!

What Is Behind Crypto Hype and When Will Crypto Boom Again?
Celebrities and Cryptocurrency: Famous Crypto Influencers
Hype is good, but often all you have to do is keep grinding, and this is what we know how to do here at StealthEX. Every week brings new events, listings, and partnerships. Here are the novelties on the platform you can check out already:
Fresh new listing! 🌱 SFUND
Exclusive AMA: MultiVAC + Proxima
Decentralize everything! ✊
New listing! ⚡️ TRIBE
New chimp in the jungle! 🐵 BTFA
Next week
The AMAs are coming!
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StealthEX Team
StealthEX Team @StealthEX_io

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