The Steal Club

By Alex Llull

Reports on how the best creators use social media to build an audience. Sent 2x monthly.

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The future of The Steal Club

AmbitionIn the beginning, The Steal Club had two goals:Keep part of my audience safe (hello platform risk)Experiment with new ways of creating content: longer posts instead of tweets and threadsWith time and seeing how other people did it, I realized that wha…


How "Dev /Tech Twitter" uses Twitter

Today's issue will be a little bit different. Instead of focusing on just one person, I'll focus on one entire community: Dev/Tech TwitterDev/Tech Twitter stands for the part of Twitter where Software Developers hang out.Lately, I've seen quite a few profiles…


How I use Twitter - The (almost) 10k special

I'm about to hit the 10k followers mark on Twitter, so what better moment to break down my entire strategy on how I use Twitter?In case you just subscribe or don't know much about me, you can find more info below.The ProfileI'm a freelance marketer & cont…


The Steal Club - Summer Edition ☀️

For this issue, we are doing something different. I went back to the 6 previous Steal Club issues and uncovered some lessons from each of them.This is what I found out 👇


How Jack Forge uses Twitter

Our target this week, unless my previous targets, is someone who I started following recently: Jack ForgeI usually write these reports about people that I'm a bit more familiar with, but in Jack's case, what I saw from his profile was well worth a Steal Club …


How Janel Loi uses Twitter

Our target this week is one of the hardest working people I've met on Twitter: Janel Loi.When Janel and I first met, we connected over the fact that we both live in Spain. We chatted about Twitter, newsletters, being creators, and Spanish food.Since then, I'v…


This dog does social media better than you.

Our target this week is not a person, but a dog. And his name is Doug The Pug.Yep, you read that right.What can a dog possibly teach us about how to use social media and building an internet business?Actually, quite a lot.But first, let's get to know him a li…


How Mustafa Khundmiri uses Twitter

Our target this week is one of Twitter's best writers and a good friend of mine, Mustafa Khundmiri.Despite following him for quite some time, it wasn't until a few months ago that we really became friends.Since then, I've learned a lot from his tweeting style…


How Blake Emal uses Twitter - The CEO of Threads

Our target is Blake Emal, who is among the most prolific creators on this side of Twitter.Blake is someone whom I admired since I started my Twitter journey. His way of building products and creating content at internet speed is second to none.It’s been amazi…


How Arvid Kahl uses Twitter - From Zero to Twitter empowerer

Our target is Arvid Kahl, one of the kindest people on the "Indie Maker" side of Twitter.I think he's playing the Twitter game a bit differently than the rest of us, and that's why I picked him for The Steal Club's first issue.I’m inspired by how he consisten…