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The Steal Club - Summer Edition ☀️

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hello fellow thieves!
Our summer edition is a special one.
It’s like one of those Friends episodes where a character remembers something concrete and the whole episode is filled with scenes from the past.
I did the same, but with the past Steal Club issues.
Meanwhile, I will be moving from Madrid to Mallorca this month of August.
Yeah, I know 😎
Due to that, I decided to push back the next “proper” Steal Club issue to September 1st. There are new things coming too 👀
I hope you enjoy this issue and the rest of your summer!

The profile - From who are we stealing?
For this issue, we are doing something different.
I went back to the 6 previous Steal Club issues and uncovered some lessons from each of them.
This is what I found out 👇
We are stealing...their Engagement Tactics
From Arvid Kahl
📏 The two musts of engagement
There are 2 main rules when engaging with others from Arvid:
  • Engage everyone, no matter the follower count.
  • Engage to empower, not to debate.
People feel seen and heard, which creates a “two-way bond” with your audience.
🗣️ Give meaningful responses, not just a like or an “OK”
Reply to questions, spark conversations, thank people for sharing your content.
This will show you are worth engaging with, which will promote people to come back to your content and engage again.
From Blake Emal
🧵 Protip to get more reach
Engage in the first hours after posting a new tweet or thread.
That signals the algorithm that your content generates engagement and it’s making people stay on the platform!
From Mustafa Khundmiri
🍝 Engagement is the “secret” sauce starting out
“Don’t create content and expect engagement when you don’t have many followers. Instead, engage with other smaller accounts who can engage back with you. Make friends. Build relationships.”
We are they Empower others
From Janel Loi
🔗 Sharing what others are doing is a win-win
Janel is constantly sharing other people’s products & projects.
It lets her amplify small makers and, at the same time, it positions her as a trusted curator.
That attracts a certain type of audience (very engaged).
From Jack Forge
☀️ Shoutout community members
Jack gives a shoutout to someone from the community every single day.
This positions himself inside the community as an amplifier, someone that people are drawn to because they are bound to learn about someone new every day.
We are stealing...How they Build a Network
From Mustafa Khundmiri
⚖️ Do things that don’t scale
Mustafa is a big believer in the human side of social media. He responds to EVERY comment he receives.
Moreover, I know he responds to 99% of the direct messages he receives (and there are a few!).
He’s doing things that don’t scale until it’s humanly possible for him.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Build a network of friends on a similar path to yours.
Mustafa is always interacting with accounts with similar growth levels to his own.
Why is it so good?
By doing so, he not only makes valuable connections but he also gets exposed to their audiences.
From Jack Forge
🎁 Do giveaways
Giveaways have been around us since the begging of time. That doesn’t mean they stopped being effective.
Every 1,000 followers that Jack gets, he gives away something (usually a book) related to his niche.
The best part? He usually gives away products made by community members, so it’s also a great way to promote them!
From Janel Loi
🤝 Become a connector
One thing I’ve seen Janel do is leveraging perfectly the connections and friendships made on Twitter.
She got a job at OnDeck to work alongside KP, whom she knew from Twitter.
She even helped me get a freelance gig! She’s a true connector.
People will remember when you help them.
We are stealing...Their uniqueness
From Jack Forge
🤡 Make fun of yourself
Jack constantly makes fun of himself and what he does. He’s also the best at doing dad jokes.
His sense of humor has spread around the tech community, making him a very likable character.
There are even people making memes about him!
We are stealing...How they promote themselves
From Blake Emal
✍️ Understand that all content creation is self-promotion.
Blake’s content provides value while positioning him as a marketing expert.
He got the job of CMO without having previous experience in the role, so I would say that went well.
From Janel Loi
🔈 Promote yourself or no one will
When Janel launched NewsletterOS, I saw her plugging the product under every tweet that made sense to do that.
But she wasn’t spammy about it! She did it because she believed the product was really valuable and that it would be helpful for people.
That’s how you promote something.
From Mustafa Khundmiri
✉️ DM your audience.
Around 30-40% of Mustafa’s new followers get a DM from him.
He takes that as an opportunity to make connections and really understand what type of content they want.
He also uses it to introduce them to the rest of the things he’s building. 
One tweet
Mustafa Khundmiri 👋
Everybody wants to build a social media audience.

Nobody wants to be social.
The stash
This is everything I used for this Summer Edition:
And this is it for now!
Who would you like to see next? Any other questions you have for me? Respond to this address and I’ll get back to you!
See ya in September!
Alex Llull
Thief Master, The Steal Club
If you are curious, this is roughly what it took me to put together the report → 3h
The breakdown 👇
  • Writing / Drafting - 2h
  • Editing - 1h
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Alex Llull
Alex Llull @AlexLlullTW

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