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The Steal Club - Best of the year

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hey everyone and happy holidays!
Last week, I didn’t write the issue due to the holidays. I wasn’t planning on doing it for this week either, but I thought it would be a good chance to reflect on what I learned writing The Steal Club this year.
In today’s post, I’ll extract 1 insight from each of the 18 issues I’ve sent so far.
Let’s dive in!

#1 - How Arvid Kahl uses Twitter
Insight: Help others succeed, and you will succeed on the way. Empower others.
#2 - How Blake Emal uses Twitter
Insight: Look always for relatability with your content. It’s easier for people to like and share your content if they can see themselves in it.
#3 - How Mustafa Khundmiri uses Twitter
Insight: Friends > Followers. Focus on creating a network of genuine people around you and Twitter success is almost a guarantee.
But remember, it’s a two-way street. Give without expectations
#4 - This dog does social media better than you.
Insight: Focus on developing your voice. In social media, it is difficult to stand out from other creators. There are a lot of us and we sometimes feel like clones of each other. A unique voice solves this.
#5 - How Janel Loi uses Twitter
Insight: Follow your curiosity. The answer to the ancient question “How do I find my niche? What do I tweet about?” is: whatever you want.
What excites you? What do you read about? What content are you consuming? Use that to get started.
#6 - How Jack Forge uses Twitter
Insight: Be real. Don’t try to sound smart or use complex words. Tweet like people talk. Share your thoughts, make jokes.
Be you. No one can copy that.
#7 - Summer edition
This issue was a recap of the previous ones. But I decided to include it here because otherwise I would have to skip #7 and it doesn’t look good anymore 🤣.
So here it is. A recap inside a recap. How meta. 👇
#8 - How I use Twitter - The (almost) 10k special
Insight: Be patient. And consistent. It took me 1 year of nearly publishing every day to get me to 10k followers.
#9 - How “Dev /Tech Twitter” uses Twitter
Insight: Make outsiders/new people feel welcomed. That’s how you start to build a real community.
#10 - The future of The Steal Club
As with issue #7, this issue was also special. I reflected on what I wanted to get out of writing this newsletter and I made some changes to the format.
I got a super positive response (and a sponsor), which encouraged me to keep moving forward with the project.
#11 - 3 tweet heist - Telling your story, Twitter is a game and incredible promises
Insight: Twitter is a game
  • Writing a tweet gives you XP (experience points)
  • You level up as you write more
  • The more you level up, the more opportunities you unlock
  • Every now and then, you will face bosses (procrastination, doubt, fear…), but if you beat them, you win.
#12 - My Twitter thread formula
Not gonna lie, this was one of my fav issues. Give a read to the whole thing if you can. I share everything that I do when it comes to writing a thread.
#13 - 3 tweet heist - Write a book in one word, competitive advantages and thread structures
Insight: Personal brands are a competitive advantage.
It’s a huge opportunity generator. And no, you don’t need 100k followers to have one. And no, it’s not too late to get started.
#14 - How to 2x your content output without 2x your time
Insight: Recycle your content.
“But Alex, won’t the audience notice?”
Here’s what happens when you repost something:
  • Half of the audience has seen it before but doesn’t remember it
  • The other half hasn’t even seen it
You are doing them a favor!
#15 - Hack Black Friday
Insight: FOMO + Urgency + Social proof = Winning combo
#16 - How I build in public
Insight: Building in public is cultivating a reputation for getting things done.
Plus it’s a great marketing tool. It’s marketing, but without being salesy. The best kind.
#17 - 3 tweet heist - PAS framework, the business recipe, and the before/after
Insight: The recipe
#1 - Learn about something.
#2 - Share what you are learning via content. That gets people to follow you.
#3 - You monetize that knowledge (via digital products or services like consulting)
#4 - You reinvest that money #1 and repeat the whole process.
#18 - 4 thread hooks ready to steal
Insight: Steal the Pain-Solution structure for your hooks.
I love it because of how simple it is. Just take a look:
You have this struggle, I have this solution.
Who wouldn’t click?
And this is it for this year! Thanks a lot for being part of The Steal Club.
More to come in 2022.
Alex Llull, Thief Master
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Alex Llull
Alex Llull @AlexLlullTW

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