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How Mustafa Khundmiri uses Twitter

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hey there!
We welcome 117 new thieves to our little club. This brings the total number to almost 500! I also got to 7,000 followers on Twitter this week!
How crazy is that? 
I always say this but thanks a lot for being here and reading this.
Now let’s get started!

The Research - Who are we stealing from? Who is our target?
Our target this week is one of Twitter’s best writers and a good friend of mine, Mustafa Khundmiri.
Despite following him for quite some time, it wasn’t until a few months ago that we really became friends.
Since then, I’ve learned a lot from his tweeting style. He’s playing his own game on Twitter, and he’s winning!.
Let’s get to know him a little bit better.
The Profile
The Numbers
At the time of updating this (June 9th), he has 10,500 followers on Twitter.
The operation - What are we stealing?
We are stealing…The Strategy
His Twitter strategy can be summed up in two sentences:
  • Do cool shit
  • Meet cool people
Simple, but not that easy. Of course, there’s a bit more to that. Let’s take a look:
  • Be consistent & valuable. He tweets two to five times a day. Even though the tweeting frequency is high, the value is not low. Every single tweet he puts out there is a golden nugget.
  • Embrace your own path. It seems everyone is opting for threads lately (including me), but Mustafa remains a faithful soldier of the one-line army. He is relying on single tweets over threads for growth. The fact that he is doing something most of us are not is a 🔑 differentiator of his strategy.
  • Build a network of friends on a similar path to yours. Mustafa is always interacting with accounts with similar growth levels to his own. Why is it so good? By doing so, he not only makes valuable connections, but he also gets exposed to their audiences.
  • Be authentic. Mustafa has a great sense of humor. He has jokes and will send them your way. Others might not like it as much, but in my opinion, it shows that he has a strong personality and that he’s not afraid of showing it!
Mustafa Khundmiri 👋
Want to grow on Twitter?

Have a personality.
We are stealing…The content creation process
🐦 Use the 80/20 rule to create content. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not 80% creating and 20% engaging, but the other way around. Coincidentally, this approach makes it 10x easier for him to generate content. How? See next point
💬 The ideas are in the conversations. His tweets are mostly inspired by everyday conversations. His time on Twitter is largely spent conversing with others, so it’s only natural that he uses that as a major content source. I’ve gifted Mustafa with a couple of tweet ideas with my questions 😜.
💎 As a general rule, the content must be authentic, transparent, and useful. Your content is what builds trust between you and your audience. You can then convert that audience into customers if that is your goal. However, trust needs to comes first.
We are stealing…His engagement tactics
🍝 Engagement is the “secret” sauce, especially starting out: “Don’t create content and expect engagement when you don’t have many followers. Instead, engage with other smaller accounts who can engage back with you. Make friends. Build relationships.”
💃 GIFs are your good friends. If you know Mustafa, you know he’s a sucker for GIFs. GIFs are a quick and easy way to convey ideas. Since he’s all day having conversations, GIF help with scaling those a little bit.
✉️ DM your audience. Around 30-40% of Mustafa’s new followers get a DM from him. He takes that as an opportunity to make connections and really understand what type of content they want. He also uses it to introduce them to the rest of the things he’s building.
Mustafa Khundmiri 👋
Everybody wants to build a social media audience.

Nobody wants to be social.
We are stealing…His audience-building approach
⚖️ Do things that don’t scale: Mustafa is a big believer in the human side of social media. He responds to EVERY comment he receives. Moreover, I know he responds to 99% of the direct messages he receives (and there are a few!). He’s doing things that don’t scale until it’s humanly possible for him.
🗣️ Make every tweet an invitation for a conversation. Mustafa’s tweets usually have above-average engagement. His tweets are framed in a way that is thought-provoking + inviting for his audience to leave their own take. That’s starts conversations, which lead to more ideas for Mustafa. It’s a never-ending loop.
Focus on the connections. This is Mustafa’s recipe for building them:
  • Be human.
  • Be friendly.
  • Be yourself.
  • Use humor.
  • Add value.
  • Help others.
  • And, above all, don’t wait for permission.
Mustafa Khundmiri 👋
Twitter Oath:

Until it gets humanly impossible, I will reply to every single comment and DM I get ✋
The loot - What have we stolen and how can we use it? Key takeaways
Mustafa is a beast. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get to 30k by the end of the year. 
These are the three 🔑 I take with me:
  • Do things that don’t scale with your audience. Following Mustafa’s direct advice, I started DMing some of my new followers. The results were great! I added a couple of Steal Club subscribers! I highly recommend you do the same.
  • Don’t follow the herd. If everyone is doing threads but you don’t enjoy doing them, then don’t. Do your own thing and you’ll be happier, even if the growth is not as big.
  • Friends > Followers. Focus on creating a network of genuine people around you and Twitter success is almost a guarantee. You can always go back to them for advice or help. But remember, it’s a two-way street. Give without expectations
The stash
This is everything I used to plan the heist on Mustafa’s content.
And this is it for now!
I’m always looking for feedback on how to improve The Steal Club so if you have something to add or just want to say hi, you can just reply to this email and I’ll get back to you!
Oh, and before I forget, I’ll start testing Twitch next week as a new form of content creation in case you are interested. Just a heads up!
See ya!
Alex Llull
Thief Master, The Steal Club
If you are curious, this is roughly what it took me to put together the report → 5h
The breakdown 👇
  • Twitter research - 1,5h
  • Writing / Drafting - 2h
  • Editing - 1h 15min
  • Design - 15min
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Alex Llull
Alex Llull @AlexLlullTW

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