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How Janel Loi uses Twitter

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hey there!
Welcome to the 80 new thieves who are joining our little club.
I hope you are reading this from the beach or somewhere peaceful. Summer is here, so remember to get some rest too, will ya?
Now let’s get started!

The Research - Who are we stealing from? Who is our target?
Our target this week is one of the hardest working people I’ve met on Twitter: Janel Loi.
When Janel and I first met, we connected over the fact that we both live in Spain. We chatted about Twitter, newsletters, being creators, and Spanish food.
Since then, I’ve been following her journey very closely. Her growth has been meteoric. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
First, let’s get to know her a little bit better.
The Profile
  • Janel is a maker, newsletter writer, and no-code expert.
  • She lives in Barcelona, Spain.
  • She works at @beondeck‘s No-Code Fellowship as a Program Manager, helping other makers make the most of the no-code industry.
  • She created NewsletterOS (which you might have heard of), a no-code product that has now made over $30k in revenue. Then PodcastOS was born too, as a spin-off.
  • She also writes the BrainPint newsletter, a curated newsletter with interesting reads, tools & learning resources sent out weekly.
The Numbers
At the time of updating this (July 7th), she has 11,100 followers on Twitter.
The operation - What are we stealing?
We are stealing…The Strategy
🧠 Follow your curiosity.
Janel loves newsletters, so she basically started sharing her observations on that space on Twitter. That’s how she started building a following.
Talking about what you like attracts people who like the same stuff. Who would have thunk, huh?
📖 Transparency earns trust. Build in public!
I’ve always seen Janel share her tweet stats, sub count, lessons learned, her progress…even revenue numbers!
Sharing this helps her connect on a deeper level with her audience. You see everything that’s happening and how she’s handling it, so you feel way more involved.
That’s the power of “Building in public”.
🔈 Promote yourself or no one else will.
When Janel launched NewsletterOS, I saw her plugging the product under every tweet that made sense to do that.
But she wasn’t spammy about it! She did it because she believed the product was really valuable and that it would be helpful for people.
That’s how you promote something. If you don’t do it, no one will.
🔥 Empower and highlight others.
One thing you can see if you check Janel’s profile is that she’s constantly sharing other people’s products & projects.
It lets her amplify small makers and, at the same time, it positions her as a trusted curator (see next point).
In this sense, it reminds me a lot of Arvid Kahl, the Twitter empowerer.
We are stealing…The content creation process
🎁 Become a trusted curator. Serve others with your content.
One of the bases of Janel’s content strategy is sharing everything she comes across that might be useful for her audience.
  • A useful tool? Shared
  • A cool resource? Shared
  • A great product? Shared
She gives great recommendations, which earns her follower’s trust, which increases Janel’s affinity with them. Win-win.
🥵 Don’t try to do too much with your writing.
Janel describes her writing as “functional and informational”.
She doesn’t aim to make it “pretty or flowery”. She gets to the point, and her readers (both on Twitter and BrainPint) are thankful for that.
🗣️ Share everything you learn with others, for free.
Write threads, share your tool stack, share insights…anything! Help others not make the same mistakes you did.
“Life’s too short for zero-sum games”
When they grow, they will remember you as one of the people that helped them get there.
I’ve asked Janel for advice a couple of times and she always came through.
We are stealing…Her audience-building tactics
🐦 Twitter is a networking tool. Use it as such.
One thing I’ve seen Janel do is leveraging perfectly the connections and friendships made on Twitter.
She got a job at OnDeck to work alongside KP, whom she knew from Twitter. She even helped me get a freelance gig!
She’s a true connector.
😄 Become part of the communities you are in
The relationships cultivated there will transfer easily to Twitter. This is Janel’s playbook 👇
How to get value from the communities you're in:

- Connect with people
- Share your experiences
- Build relationships
- Find ways to give to others
- Be curious & interested in what people are working on
- Repeat
The loot - What have we stolen and how can we use it? Key takeaways
These are the three 🔑  takeaways I take home with me:
  • Follow your curiosity. The answer to the ancient question “How do I find my niche? What do I tweet about?” is: whatever you want. What excites you? What do you read about? What content are you consuming? Use that to get started.
  • Serve others with your content. Your content is not about you, it’s about your audience. How it helps, entertains, or inspires them. Help them grow and you will grow too!
  • Promote yourself. If you genuinely think that what you are promoting is valuable, then you are doing everyone else a favor by promoting it.
The stash
Here’s everything I used to plan Janel’s heist:
And this is it for now!
I’m always looking for feedback on how to improve The Steal Club so if you have something to add or just want to say hi, reply to this email and I’ll get back to you!
See ya!
Alex Llull
Thief Master, The Steal Club
If you are curious, this is roughly what it took me to put together the report → 5h
The breakdown 👇
  • Research - 1,5h
  • Writing / Drafting - 2h
  • Editing - 1h
  • Others (design, publishing…) - 0,5h
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Alex Llull
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