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How I use Twitter - The (almost) 10k special

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hey there!
Welcome to the 77 new thieves who just joined our club.
I hope you had a great summer! I didn’t have much rest this past couple of weeks because most of my time was focused on moving in (and renovating) a new house.
Let me tell you, it’s exhausting.
But I’m also planning something new 👀
I’m thinking of creating a cohort-based course to teach everything I know about 👇
  • Twitter content creation
  • Building a strong personal brand.
  • Using Twitter to sell (products & services)
Want to beta test? Read more here!
Now let’s get started!

The Research - Who are we stealing from? Who is our target?
I’m about to hit the 10k followers mark on Twitter, so what better moment to break down my entire strategy on how I use Twitter?
In case you just subscribe or don’t know much about me, you can find more info below.
The Profile
  • I’m a freelance marketer & content creator
  • I’m based in Spain & just moved to Mallorca (an island on Spain’s east coast) 🏖️
  • I specialize in helping other creators, makers, and entrepreneurs get the most of their social media content, especially on Twitter
  • I’m building The Steal Club,, and an upcoming cohort course.
  • I love basketball, videogames and I have an 8-month puppy called Moca.
The Numbers
At the moment of writing this, I have 9,855 followers.
The operation - What are we stealing?
We are stealing…My Personal Brand Strategy
💰Give away everything you know for free
I used to be afraid of people stealing my ideas and my “trade secrets”.
Then I started sharing a little bit.
And a little bit more.
Do you know what happened?
Instead of people stealing my ideas, they started contacting me to help them implement those.
Giving value for free attracted not only an audience but also potential customers.
📖 Leverage your story
There’s a bunch of people sharing tweet & marketing advice out there.
But there’s only one Spanish kid, who got fired one year ago, bounced back, and managed to build an online business by sharing what he knows.
As creators, we don’t use our own stories enough. Don’t be afraid to do it, it’s what makes you unique.
For example, this thread got around 300 profile clicks (signaling interest) and led to 1 freelance gig (which continues to this day)
Alex Llull 🕵️‍♂️
How I went from getting fired to building my own, little 5-figure business in less than a year,

While building an audience on Twitter:
🍊 Treat your profile as a brand
Something I did early on on Twitter: Brand myself with a color
Then used the same color for every visual & picture I shared.
My content now is:
  • Easier to produce (fewer decisions involved)
  • Feels like part of a bigger brand
That doesn’t mean you need to change your profile background to one with a color as I did.
What I try to say is that if you intend to use your Twitter profile professionally, it’s time you start treating it like a real brand.
Because it is.
🏗️ Build in public
I’ve said this in previous issues too, but the “build in public” movement is very powerful when creating a personal brand.
If you are not familiar with it, it basically consists of sharing everything along the journey of building something.
It can be a product, a service, a company, or an audience 👇
Alex Llull 🕵️‍♂️
I'm challenging myself to get 4,700 new followers in 85 days.

Here's how I plan to do it 👇👇👇
But for it to work, you need to be completely transparent about it.
Which means sharing the good…and the bad.
Think about it like this: why do people enjoy so much superhero movies? Especially the “origin” stories.
It’s not because of the action or the costumes.
It’s because of the journey.
You see the struggle, and then you see who they become because of it.
And it doesn’t matter if they succeed or not.
That story will always make you be in their corner forever.
Building in public does the same for thousands of creators on Twitter.
It allows us to see the good and the bad.
And there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing someone achieve their goals right in front of you.
🧟Breathe new life into your old content
As your audience grows, the chances that new people have seen your old content are low.
That’s why there’s no shame at all in re-sharing your old content.
  • Your new audience will love it.
  • Your old audience probably doesn’t even remember it exists, so they will be thankful.
  • You will stop feeling pressured with the need to always be original.
It’s a win-win.
This is how I do it 👇
Alex Llull 🕵️‍♂️
The Rise of the Zombie Tweets 🧟

How to breathe new life into your dead tweets:
We are stealing…My Tweet writing tactics
Make content short, simple, and easy to understand
In the social media era, with attention spans getting shorter and shorter, simple and “fast” content will always win.
Make it easy for the audience.
If you can make a tweet shorter, do it.
🎣 When writing a thread, spend a good amount of time writing the hook
Whenever I write a thread, I write at least 2-3 versions of the hook. Then I share it with some friends and iterate upon their feedback.
90% of the success of a thread relies on the first tweet.
You need to do everything you can in your power to get the audience’s attention.
Sometimes that means being a bit “clickbaity” with your hooks
Here are 9 types of hooks and why they work:
Alex Llull 🕵️‍♂️
Your threads are not bad. Your hook is.

The hook is what makes or breaks a thread's success.

Here's an analysis of how 9 top-tier creators use hooks and why they work.👇
💁Understand the why behind RTs and likes
I once read something about the psychology behind why people RT or likes things.
Apparently, most people do it to signal status.
“Look, I RTd this thread to show how smart I am. Or to show that I was the first to read it”
But others also RT & likes things to say “That’s so me” or “I do this too”.
Relatability is key in social media.
If you can make people see themselves in some way on your tweet, you’ve got good engagement coming.
We are stealing…my audience engagement tactics
🗣️Respond to every single comment and DM until it’s humanly possible
For a creator, one of the best things that can happen is for other people to comment on your content. Or to send you a DM.
We live in busy times, so the fact that someone took the time out of their day to comment on something yours needs to be acknowledged somehow.
A like can do, but I always try to reply back to every single person.
Do things that don’t scale. That’s how you build a real community
The loot - What have we stolen and how can we use it? Key takeaways
Well, I just revealed a big part of my strategy and how I use Twitter.
The key takeaways I would like you to leave with are:
  • Sounds cliché, but focus on giving value and good things will happen.
  • Be patient. And consistent. It took me 1 year of nearly publishing every day to get me where I am. 1 full year.
  • Be openly honest. I’ve shared everything I know in the open. I’ve also asked when I didn’t know something. And shared again when I failed. In 99% of cases, I got a positive response. I encourage you to do the same.
And this is it for now!
Before you leave, let me share some final words:
Building a personal brand is not easy. It takes time and effort.
It has lots of highs but also lots of lows.
But let me tell you, it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.
It got me where I am today.
It also got me to write this and you reading it.
If my content helps you on the journey somehow, then that makes it all worth it.
Who would you like to see me analyze next? Reply to this email and let me know!
See ya!
Alex Llull
Thief Master, The Steal Club
P.S: remember, I’m looking for people interested in joining the beta of my cohort course. You can sign up here!
P.S.2: If you are curious, this is roughly what it took me to put together the report → 4h
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Alex Llull
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