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How Blake Emal uses Twitter - The CEO of Threads

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hey there!
This week we welcome 218 new thieves to our little club.
Let me first thank everyone who helped support issue one. I was blown away by the love received from the community.
It takes some time to prepare these reports, and they would be a lot harder to produce without engaged readers.
Thank you for being here. As an aspiring creator, it means the world to me.
Let’s get started!

The Research - Who are we stealing from? Who is our target?
Our target is Blake Emal, who is among the most prolific creators on this side of Twitter.
Blake is someone whom I admired since I started my Twitter journey. His way of building products and creating content at internet speed is second to none.
It’s been amazing seeing his growth on Twitter, especially the last couple of months, which led me to choose him for this second heist.
Let’s see what we can learn from him!
The Profile
  • Blake Emal is a marketing expert, content creator & serial maker.
  • He’s the CMO for the most “build in public” company ever,
  • He’s building Float, a tool that lets you create an online course with Notion.
  • Oh, and he has an arch-nemesis.
The Numbers
At the time of writing this (May 26th), he has 35,000 followers on Twitter.
The operation - What are we stealing?
Blake seems like someone who is always experimenting and testing stuff, so there’s no real strategy.
However, there are some things that he does constantly:
  • Build in public: As the CMO of, a company that was basically built in public, Blake truly embraces the concept. He is currently posting about life as a CMO in public sharing what he learns, what he does, what goes well, and what goes wrong… That helps to establish a real connection with his audience.
  • Understand that all content creation is self-promotion. Blake’s content provides value while positioning him as a marketing expert. He got the job of CMO without having previous experience in the role, so I would say that went well.
  • Be prolific & embrace momentum: A key to Blake’s current success is that he has made one high-quality thread every day for weeks. Blake gained some momentum with those and never let it go. In less than a month, that got him from 20k to 35k followers.
Can you spot where he started to make them?
Image from Blake's public dashboard on
Image from Blake's public dashboard on
  • Threads over tweets: A thread converts better to followers than a single tweet. For example, a tweet with 30k likes generated almost no followers for Blake. The tweet drove only 1,000 people to his profile, whereas a thread with more or less the same reach in impressions, drove 5,000, converting way more.
We are stealing…The content creation process
⚙️ Build an idea generation machine. Good content ideas are the root of his success with Twitter. This is how he finds them:
  • Find content ideas using data. Blake uses tools like to sort his tweets by impressions and engagements. The most successful ones are then repurposed into threads.
  • Use AI to generate ideas for you. As CMO for, he couldn’t resist. It is his go-to tool for generating content ideas and refining them
  • Expand on relatable ideas: Take notes throughout the day, identify what makes you tick, and turn these ideas into threads. Blake gives an example: people hate meetings - “here are 7 reasons why they aren’t effective”
♻️ Recycle your content: smart creators know that they can’t keep coming up with new content all the time. That’s why it’s important to recycle your content. Blake does it this way.
Blake Emal 👋
Content creation hack:

1. Search your content from 1+ yr ago
2. Find posts that still intrigue you
3. Find posts that did well(ish)
4. Rewrite these posts
5. Post them
It’s not about having 1000 different ideas. It’s about taking 1 idea and saying it 1000 different ways.
We are stealing…His thread-making skills
As said above, threads are what really helped Blake get to the next level. This is what we can steal:
💡 Learn to identify great thread ideas. Not all content ideas make for good threads. Blake’s rule → Look for ideas that:
  • Encourage conversations
  • Answer ONE specific question
  • Are relatable
⌨️ Use the same format: Blake says he never reads threads that look like a blog post in disguise. What he does is having a pre-set format structure that makes it easy to read by the audience. It’s also easier for him to create. It removes facing a “blank page”.
🖼️ Add visuals: Visuals add context and take up more “screen real estate”.
🔁 Optimize your CTA for RTs: Blake knows the importance of RTs in increasing your reach. On his call to action, he always ends with a giveaway for someone who RTs his thread.
And a little secret: he hates making threads (min 4:51)
We are stealing…His engagement tactics
Blake’s approach to engagement is great. The man is definitely innovating in that regard! Let’s see what we can steal!
🗯️ Make people ask for your products: Instead of just posting a link to his products (like everyone else), he does something different.
Before giving out the link, he asks people to do something. It may be sending a DM, or it may be responding with a keyword.
Blake Emal 👋
Want my entire online strategy for free? Just:

1. Retweet this
2. Comment "STEAL" below

And I will DM it to you.

(This thing took me 5 years to build out through trial and error)
By doing so, he ensures that you are really interested in the product (you have to do your part) and gets the chance to spark a conversation with his audience.
🔁 Steal how he asks for RTs: I’ve never seen anyone use GIFs as a call to action on Twitter. Blake was the first to do it, and then others followed. This establishes a more personal connection with the reader. They get to see your face!
👐 He engages with everyone: He does it especially in the first hours after posting a new tweet or thread. It’s important to signal to the algorithm that your content generates engagement and it’s making people stay on the platform!
The loot - What have we stolen and how can we use it? Key takeaways
I won’t lie, Blake is a huge inspiration. These are the 3 takeaways I take home with me:
  • Look always for relatable ideas: It’s easier for people to like and share your content if they can see themselves in it. Solve their problems, and you’re golden.
  • Make it easy to read for the audience: On Twitter (and on social media in general), people skim. Make it easy for them to read. Your content is more likely to be consumed if it is easy to read.
  • Innovate with engagement: Don’t always do what others do. Play games and have fun. Your audience will too!
The stash
This is everything I used to plan the heist on Blake’s content.
And this is it for now!
I’m always looking for feedback on how to improve The Steal Club so if you have something to add or just want to say hi, you can just reply to this email and I’ll get back to you!
See ya!
Alex Llull
Thief Master, The Steal Club
The cost - What it takes to put together
If you are curious, this is roughly what it took me to put together the report → 7h and 15min
  • Twitter research - 1,5h
  • Blog/website research - 1,5h
  • Podcasts research - 1h
  • Writing / Drafting - 2h
  • Editing - 1h
  • Design - 15min
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Alex Llull
Alex Llull @AlexLlullTW

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