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4 thread hooks ready to steal

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hello and welcome to the 23 new thieves who have joined our little club.
I just reached 15k followers on Twitter! Woo!
Although I don’t care about it all that much, it’s always nice to see rounded numbers on follower counts (or am I the only one? 😅).
Let’s get started!
Here is a peek at next week’s content: I will share my content strategy for 2022. Keep an eye out for that one.

Whether you like it or not, Twitter threads attract most new followers. That’s why you need to create threads if you want to reach more people.
I’ve shared my Twitter thread formula in the past, but today I want to dig deeper into the key part of every thread: Hooks.
The hook (aka the first tweet of a thread) is what makes or breaks its success. In today’s post, we’ll learn how some top creators use thread hooks and what makes them so special.
The bold promise
Alex Garcia 🔍
Copywriting is a superpower.

Learn it and you can sell just about anything.

Use these 7 threads to master copywriting in the next 5 min 🧵
Who uses it?
Alex Garcia, who does Marketing at Gumroad and writes Marketing Examined, a great newsletter.
Why does it work?
It doesn’t matter whether it delivers or not. The bold promise is what gets the clicks.
Alex promises that you will master copywriting within 5 minutes.
You will click, even if it’s just to prove him wrong.
How can you use it?
What’s the core of your thread? What’s in it for the reader? What will they learn after reading it?
Transform that into an exaggerated promise, and you have it. Even better if that promise contradicts the status quo (vs college, the 9-5…).
Keep the clickbait line in mind, but don’t go over it.
Pain - Solution
Amanda Natividad
If you struggle to publish regularly...

Here are 11 prompts so you'll never run out of content ideas:
Who uses it?
Amanda Natividad, who works at SparkToro and posts great marketing content. Great follow!
Why does it work?
I love it because of how simple it is. Just look at the structure:
You have this struggle, I have this solution.
Who wouldn’t click?
How can you use it?
Finding the right problem is the key here. It must be relatable. Something most people suffer from.
You can start by thinking about yourself and your own problems. If you have them, chances are that others do as well.
After that, you just need to frame your second line while writing the hook as the solution
Use AI - Tweet Hunter
🖐️ Disclaimer: Tweet Hunter sponsors this newsletter. I would not recommend the tool if I wasn’t really using it.
If you’re still having trouble coming up with tweet hooks, you should check out Tweet Hunter.
Twitter Hunter is not just a great content scheduling tool, but it also has a built-in AI assistant. Just by telling it what topic you want to discuss, the AI will generate different hook versions for you.
It is the perfect place to start writing your own, so you don’t have to start from scratch.
Check it out! Use the code STEALCLUB at checkout to get 50% off your 1st month!
Social Proof
Tom Hirst
I made £500K+ from freelancing in the last 4 years without working all the time.

Here’s everything I learned.

A thread.
Who uses it?
Tom Hirst, a programming and freelancing expert, and a great writer. He’s your go-to for freelancing-related content.
Why does it work?
This works because Tom has the experience (and numbers) to back it up.
I made this (SOCIAL PROOF)
Here’s what I learned
Usually, these threads do really well. There is no one who doesn’t want to hear an expert’s secrets and lessons. Especially if he’s talking about how he makes money.
How can you use it?
Social proof is the secret sauce of this type of thread. Why should people trust what you say? How can you back it up?
Money, clients, users, followers… Any will do.
Don’t worry if your number isn’t that high. “How I got 100 followers in 1 week” will be appealing for someone who has 0 followers.
What’s obvious to you, can be amazing to others.
Plain old introduction
Ramon van Meer
2.5 years ago I bought a dog ramp business for $300,000.

Since then, I’ve sold $35,000,000 of dog ramps.

I’m going to explain

Why I bought it
How I scaled
Why I bought a business vs built from scratch

But ramps?

Who uses it?
Ramon van Meer, serial entrepreneur.
Why does it work?
Sometimes there’s no need to use copywriting formulas.
An introduction that is simple and straight to the point will work.
Basically, Ramon explains what he did (buying a dog ramp business) and what he is going to cover on the thread.
How can you use it?
The twist with using this hook is that the topic needs to be interesting enough to capture attention.
Dog ramps are. How to set up your Google Search console is not.
You will need a better hook for that one.
And that is it for today. Now get out there and start writing threads! And tag me if you do!
As a reminder, you’ll get a 50% off on Tweet Hunter if you use the code STEALCLUB at checkout. It’s the same tool I use for my Twitter content, just saying!
Thank you and see you next week!
Alex Llull
Thief Master
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