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3 tweet heist - Write a book in one word, competitive advantages and thread structures

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hello everyone, and welcome to the 22 new thieves who have joined our club.
This is the second edition of 3 tweet heist. The goal is to find 3 tweets that are special and analyze what you can steal from each of them for your own strategy.
Let’s get started!

🐦 Tweet #1 - Write a book in 1 word
Shreyas Doshi
Write a product management book in

1 word

2 words
It depends

3 words
Understand the user

4 words
Product is everyone’s job

5 words
There will always be problems

6 words
More engineers wont solve every problem

7 words
Trust me, it depends on your context

Write yours 👇🏾
From who?
Shreyas Doshi, a well-known startup advisor and product builder
What to steal?
The format and the idea.
I really enjoyed this tweet when I saw it, even if product management is not something I’m interested in.
On the one side, we have the format. It works because it takes a lot of “screen real state”, meaning it takes a lot of space in people’s feeds.
On the other side, the concept behind the tweet is really cool. Shreyas gives valuable info on what could be labeled as a boring topic but makes it digestible and fun to read.
Plus, the format really invites people to participate. Just check the comments and you’ll see a bunch of people making their own versions.
🐦 Tweet #2 - A competitive advantage
Matthew Kobach
Building a personal brand is a competitive advantage. Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t built an effective one.
From who?
Matthew Kobach was one of my first follows on Twitter. He talks about marketing, branding, creativity…A must-follow if you are into any of those topics.
What to steal?
The idea is that personal brands are a competitive advantage. Because they are.
If you are reading this newsletter it’s because in one way or the other you want to build an audience. So you are already aware of the potential of a strong personal brand.
A personal brand opens so many doors. Whether you are a creator looking to promote your products, a freelancer looking to get more clients, or a regular 9-5 worker looking to switch jobs. A personal brand will 100% help you on your journey.
It’s a huge opportunity generator.
And no, you don’t need 100k followers to make it. And no, it’s not too late to get started.
EG: two DMs recieved yesterday. It might end up not being anything, but the opportunity is there.
EG: two DMs recieved yesterday. It might end up not being anything, but the opportunity is there.
🐦 Tweet #3 - Thread structure
Blake Emal
Use search operators to track your business

Find all mentions and perform some customer service right from Twitter.

If I want to track how Float is being mentioned, I’d search something like float+notion.

Pro tip:
add :( to the search to find unhappy customers
From who?
Blake Emal, one of my favorite marketing follows on Twitter and the CMO at
What to steal?
The thread content structure.
🕵️‍♂️You might have noticed I also stole it for the 3-tweet heist newsletters
Last week we talked about how one of the key ingredients of writing a good thread hook is making a big promise.
But once you hook people in, you need to keep them reading.
One of the easiest ways to do it is by keeping the same structure throughout the whole thread. And that’s exactly what Blake does.
The structured format makes the content easy to skim, which likely increases thread readability.
And that is it for today! I hope this issue was valuable to you. Let me know which tweet was your favorite!
Thank you and see you next week!
Alex Llull
Thief Master
PS: Want to build your own unfair advantage? I run a cohort-based course on how to build a personal brand on Twitter. The beta cohort is happening as we speak, but if you are interested in participating in a future cohort, you can join the waitlist here.
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Alex Llull
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