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3 tweet heist - Telling your story, Twitter is a game and incredible promises

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hello fellow thieves,
After last week’s announcement of the changes in this newsletter, 20 people left us…but 65 new thieves joined!
I have also received a few sponsorship offers (more on that in a future issue). Now let’s look at today’s heist👇
The first edition of 3 tweet heist is here. My goal is to find 3 tweets that are special and analyze what you can steal from each of them for your own strategy.
This is the first issue, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Let’s get started 🕵️‍♂️

🐦 Tweet #1 - Telling your story...with a structure
Dagobert Renouf
I explained my startup idea to a couple of friends before building it.

They loved it and said it would be a huge success 🔥

Then we launched and none of them used it 😭

So in the end I hadn’t validated my product…

I just validated I had nice friends 😅
From who?
Dagobert is a great follow to see how he build his startup in public. He’s also very good with startup memes, like really good 😆
What to steal?
How he structures his tweets using storytelling.
It hooks you in.
Each of his tweets is structured as a story in just 5 or 6 lines. See the example above:
  • I did this
  • Then this happened
  • But a problem appeared
  • Explain the problem
  • Share what you learned
You can steal it by trying these other structures:
  • Assumption you had ➝ Problem from believing it ➝ Reinforce the problem ➝ How you plan to solve it ➝ Takeaway
  • Share your goal ➝ Share how far you are from it ➝ How you feel about it ➝ Realization ➝ How you plan to make it
The approach is very easy to replicate. All you have to do is stick to one idea per line.
🐦 Tweet #2 - Twitter is a game
Alice Lemée
Twitter is a game.

You might tweet something that gets no traction.

You try again and hit the jackpot.

Collect points, move to the next level.

As you level up you unlock mystery achievements.

Feature on a podcast.
DM from a stranger.
Offer for side work.

It's all play 👾
From who?
Alice shares writing tips and writes about the creator economy. She also contributes to Matt D'Avella’s newsletter!
What to steal?
The concept that Twitter is a game.
Many of us use Twitter as part of our business. But if we treat it that way, it’s easy to get burned out.
You’ll have an easier time around here by making the switch from a grind mindset to a game one:
  • Writing a tweet gives you XP (experience points)
  • You level up as you write more
  • The more you level up, the more opportunities you unlock
  • Every now and then, you will face bosses (procrastination, doubt, fear…), but if you beat them, you win.
There are plenty of opportunities on Twitter, you just need to start playing to find them.
I love these gaming analogies. Can you tell I’m a nerd?🤓
🐦 Tweet #3 - How to structure for hooks
Blake Burge 💡
How to get rich, learn anything, and get more done.

11 Tweets to change your life. 🧵
From who?
Blake is an excellent thread writer. Thanks to countless viral threads, he has exploded on Twitter in a matter of months.
What to steal?
The hook copywriting.
Think of thread hooks as clickbait titles on Youtube.
The only goal is to get people in. Then you can give more context with a follow-up tweet. But first, you have to get attention.
Blake does a fantastic job with that. He makes an incredible promise with his first tweet. Next, the second tweet explains how easy it is to fulfill that promise.
“Wait, I can get rich, learn anything, and get more done just by reading 11 tweets?”
Obviously not, but that’s what happens inside the readers’ minds. It’s a no-brainer.
And that is it for today!
I hope this issue was useful to you. I’ll try to publish at least two of them every month. Please let me know if you have any feedback.
Thank you and see you next week!
Alex Llull
Thief Master
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Alex Llull
Alex Llull @AlexLlullTW

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