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3 tweet heist - PAS framework, the business recipe and the before/after

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hello everyone, and welcome to the 49 new thieves who have joined our club.
The third edition of 3 tweet heist is here. The goal is to find 3 tweets that are special and analyze what you can steal from each of them for your own strategy.
Don’t miss number 2, it’s my favorite this week.
Here we go!

🐦Tweet #1 - PAS for thread hooks
Romeen Sheth
Early career years are painful.

You feel like an idiot 98% of the time - lost, confused and insecure.

I wish I had a playbook on principles for my first job.

So I put one together.

Here are 9 threads packed with lessons about building a career I wish I knew sooner:
From who?
Romeen Sheth, a startup operator and investor. He’s also great at distilling his learnings on Twitter.
What to steal?
The hook formula, a version of the PAS (Problem - Agitate - Solution) copywriting framework.
Thread hooks are the best showcases of good copywriting. That’s why every time I see a good one, I get to analyze.
In this case, Romeen is using a version of the PAS framework. If we go line by line, this is what he does:
Generally describes a common pain - “Early career years”
Goes into more detail. Agitates the pain - “You feel like an idiot 98% of the time”
Hints at a potential solution - “I wish there was a playbook”
Positions his thread as the solution - “I put one together”
Introduces solution - “Here are 9…”
It doesn’t get much simpler than stating a pain most of us experience, explaining it, and offering a solution.
🐦Tweet #2 - The "how to business with an audience" recipe
Shaan Puri
@gigiaguiarp I learn business (by building or investing)

I share those learnings (content)

that builds a following of people who want to learn business

The money I make from that audience allows me to do more business adventures (investments, or buy/build companies)
From who?
Shaan Puri, investor, operator, co-host of the My First Million podcast and one of my fav Twitter follows,
What to steal?
The recipe Shaan follows to build his business
There is sometimes more gold in the replies to a tweet than in the tweet itself. And this is exactly what happens here.
Shaan shares the steps he takes to grow his Twitter audience and his business at the same time, and how the two relate to each other.
#1 - Learn about something. For Shaan that’s building or investing.
#2 - Share what you are learning via content. That gets people to follow you.
#3 - You monetize that knowledge (via digital products or services like consulting)
#4 - You reinvest that money #1 and repeat the whole process.
What do you think? It’s more or less the same recipe I follow and…it works.
🐦 Tweet #3 - Before/After, a safe bet
Alex Llull 🕵️‍♂️
Me at 25:

- Working @ agency
- 1h daily commute
- 1,000€/mo only on rent
- Being based in a big city for work

Me at 27:
- Creator & Freelance
- Working from home
- Spending 75% less
- Living on a Mediterranean island because why not?

A lot can happen in just one year.
From who?
Yours truly😎
What to steal?
The before/after format, but applied to your own story.
People love to hear about transformational journeys.
That’s why before-after pictures of people going from fat to fit are so effective.
It’s inspiring. It gets people on your side.
I’ve seen a lot of tweets like this succeed on Twitter (Not the fat to fit, the transformational ones😆).
In my case, this is one of my most-liked tweets ever. But this isn’t really about the engagement that it gets, but more about the attention that it generates.
This is also one of my tweets that has a high profile click ratio. And profile clicks = attention, the good kind of attention.
So if there’s an inch of transformation on your journey, which I’m sure there is, give this format a try and let me know :)
And that’s it for today! I hope this issue was valuable to you. Let me know which tweet was your favorite! Mine is #2.
Thank you and see you next week!
Alex Llull
Thief Master
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Alex Llull
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