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3 tweet heist - Drug dealers, ask the pros and visual conversations

Alex Llull
Alex Llull
Hello everyone and welcome to the 74 new thieves that joined our club!
In the coming weeks, I plan to do a few experiments with The Steal Club. The first will be to do some paid advertising (mostly sponsoring other newsletters or creators).
Any other ideas?
Now let’s get to the content. Don’t miss tweet #3, it’s my favorite this week🕵️‍♂️.

🐦Tweet #1 - Ask the pros
Jake Thomas
Your first 1,000 followers on Twitter are the hardest.

So I asked 20 people how they did it.

Here’s what they said:
What to steal?
The “ask the pros” format, a version of curated threads.
Why does it work?
Rather than the typical 1,000-follower thread with 20 learnings, Jake took a different path.
He asked for advice from 20 creators who had already done it. He then stitched them together to form his thread.
This is a very smart idea. Why?
  1. You don’t have to come up with the information yourself
  2. You make sure the information is valid and proven. These people did it before.
  3. You leverage these other people’s audiences (bigger than 1,000 followers) because they are likely to interact when you mention them.
The result is a piece of content that has all the numbers to get good traction.
Why not try this within your own niche?
🐦Tweet #2 - Visual conversations
What to steal?
The visual conversation style.
Why does it work?
Visual Twitter is on the rise. Personally, I find it an effective way to communicate ideas and cut through the noise.
In case that’s not your style, here’s another option so you can still leverage visuals: Replicate conversations.
This account teaches Bitcoin as it is explaining it to his dad. It’s an innovative way to spread the message.
Plus, whenever I see a screenshot of a conversation online, I can’t help but stare at it.
Am I the only one? 😅
🐦Tweet #3 - Drug Dealers and Programmers
Eleftheria Batsou
💊 Drug Dealers VS Programmers 👩‍💻

A thread 🧵👇
What to steal?
The way the thread is written, from hook to the rest of the tweets.
Why does it work?
First, comparing drug dealers with programmers on the thread hook is eye-catching.
You will read it twice, even if it’s just to make sure you read it right.
Second, the way the tweet is formatted using emojis.
It works because it’s visually appealing, which is essential if you want people to read your threads.
Eleftheria Batsou
💊 Refer to their clients as “users”.
👩‍💻 Refer to their clients as “users”.
Third, it’s fun.
There are times when Twitter feels too much like a business. Everyone is sharing tips, learnings, books read…that can be stressful.
Every now and then it’s cool to read something fun about your niche on Twitter.
I’ll be stealing this format for sure! With what could I compare creators? 🤔
And this is it for this week.
See you next week!
Alex Llull
Thief Master
PS: For 2022, I want to keep experimenting with digital products (free and paid).
If you want to hear about those before anyone else, make sure you follow me on Gumroad. And if you have something concrete you would like me to build, don’t hesitate to reply to this email.
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Alex Llull
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