The Steal Club

By Alex Llull

Get actionable insights on how to improve your content. Stolen from the best.

Get actionable insights on how to improve your content. Stolen from the best.

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Audience defined in 8 sentences (and visuals)

Posting about something makes it real.Every time I want to launch a project, I tweet about it.It not only allows me to gauge the audience's interest, but it's also a great way to put some "pressure" (the good kind) on my shoulders to deliver.Otherwise, there …


Steal these 4 thread hooks (with templates)

“Hey Alex, haven’t you done this one before?”Yes, I have.But my question to you is, are there ever enough threads hooks to steal?Nope, I don’t think so. So here’s round 2!(This time with added templates so you can start writing right away)


What can video games teach us about content creation?

In today's issue, I compiled five things that we can learn from video games and apply to our journey as creators.But why video games?Reason 1: I'm a nerd.Reason 2: I play a lot in my spare time, so I get a lot of ideas from how video games work.Reason 3: I wa…


3 tweet heist - Drug dealers, ask the pros and visual conversations

What to steal?The "ask the pros" format, a version of curated threads.Why does it work?Rather than the typical 1,000-follower thread with 20 learnings, Jake took a different path.He asked for advice from 20 creators who had already done it. He then stitched t…


Steal my content strategy for 2022

Yes.And No.Here's what I mean. Having a strategy is super helpful for a few reasons:It gives you a sense of directionIt's a forcing function to uncover new insightsIt gives you a point of reference to turn to when you feel lost or stuckBut it's also hard to f…


The Steal Club - Best of the year

#1 - How Arvid Kahl uses TwitterInsight: Help others succeed, and you will succeed on the way. Empower others.Link: Read the full issue here#2 - How Blake Emal uses TwitterInsight: Look always for relatability with your content. It’s easier for people to like…


4 thread hooks ready to steal

Whether you like it or not, Twitter threads attract most new followers. That's why you need to create threads if you want to reach more people. I've shared my Twitter thread formula in the past, but today I want to dig deeper into the key part of every thread…


3 tweet heist - PAS framework, the business recipe and the before/after

From who?Romeen Sheth, a startup operator and investor. He's also great at distilling his learnings on Twitter.What to steal?The hook formula, a version of the PAS (Problem - Agitate - Solution) copywriting framework.Why?Thread hooks are the best showcases of…


Build in Public - Why, How I do it and How can you

Today, I want to talk about one entire movement and what we can learn from it: Building in PublicYou must have heard of the term "Build in Public" if you've been on Twitter for some time, especially around the startup/bootstrapper/maker side of it.Building in…


Hack Black Friday as a creator

For some companies, Black Friday is the week (or weeks) when they make the most sales.It's starting to look the same for creators.Traditionally, creators made money by selling their time and skills. Most still do! (Me included)But we live in a creator economy…


How to 2x your content output without 2x your time

With our over-saturated social media feeds, content pieces are trending towards having shorter lifespans.The rumor says that a tweet only has a 15-minute lifespan. 100% honesty here: sometimes it takes me more to write one 😆Here's where recycling content come…


3 tweet heist - Write a book in one word, competitive advantages and thread structures

From who?Shreyas Doshi, a well-known startup advisor and product builderWhat to steal?The format and the idea.Why?I really enjoyed this tweet when I saw it, even if product management is not something I'm interested in.On the one side, we have the format. It …


How to write better Twitter threads - My thread formula

Why threads?Threads are how most Twitter growth happens.Can you grow on Twitter without posting threads? Yes.Can threads help you do it faster? Also yesToday I'll share with you one of my biggest Twitter secrets: my Twitter thread formula. This is the exact s…


3 tweet heist - Telling your story, Twitter is a game and incredible promises

From who?Dagobert is a great follow to see how he build his startup in public. He's also very good with startup memes, like really good 😆What to steal?How he structures his tweets using storytelling.Why?It hooks you in.Each of his tweets is struct…


The future of The Steal Club

AmbitionIn the beginning, The Steal Club had two goals:Keep part of my audience safe (hello platform risk)Experiment with new ways of creating content: longer posts instead of tweets and threadsWith time and seeing how other people did it, I realized that wha…


How "Dev /Tech Twitter" uses Twitter

Today's issue will be a little bit different. Instead of focusing on just one person, I'll focus on one entire community: Dev/Tech TwitterDev/Tech Twitter stands for the part of Twitter where Software Developers hang out.Lately, I've seen quite a few profiles…


How I use Twitter - The (almost) 10k special

I'm about to hit the 10k followers mark on Twitter, so what better moment to break down my entire strategy on how I use Twitter?In case you just subscribe or don't know much about me, you can find more info below.The ProfileI'm a freelance marketer & cont…


The Steal Club - Summer Edition ☀️

For this issue, we are doing something different. I went back to the 6 previous Steal Club issues and uncovered some lessons from each of them.This is what I found out 👇


How Jack Forge uses Twitter

Our target this week, unless my previous targets, is someone who I started following recently: Jack ForgeI usually write these reports about people that I'm a bit more familiar with, but in Jack's case, what I saw from his profile was well worth a Steal Club …


How Janel Loi uses Twitter

Our target this week is one of the hardest working people I've met on Twitter: Janel Loi.When Janel and I first met, we connected over the fact that we both live in Spain. We chatted about Twitter, newsletters, being creators, and Spanish food.Since then, I'v…