Startups & Tech - Issue #205: Valuations, Plaid, and Reverting to the Mean

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Written by Chris McCann, General Partner @ Race Capital. More about me.

🗞️ Interesting Reads
  • I know I featured this before but it’s worth taking a look at the AngelList valuation data again. Over the past few months early stage valuations have come down, deals have slowed down, and investors are owning more.
  • An explanation of what Plaid is and why it’s so valuable. It is in large part due to the fractured US banking systems and legacy technology each one is built on. 
  • While in one sense it seems like everything is crashing down, in another sense we are just reverting back to the mean
  • Unfortunately we are seeing some issues in the crypto debt markets across centralized lenders, trading prop firms, and lending platforms. While it’s healthy long term, expect more short term pain here.  
  • A primer on portfolio construction for venture firms and GPs. 
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