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Gm. Two personal updates for this week:
  1. Very proud to announce we led the investment into Notifi Network, founded a strong team (ex Circle, AWS, Grab, Oracle) and are building notification & messaging infrastructure for Web3 developers. In short Twilio for Web3. 
  2. On March 15th from 6-8pm, Race Capital and I will be hosting a Web3 founders meetup in SF. If you’re around come by, would love to say hi. 
Written by Chris McCann, General Partner @ Race Capital. More about me.

🗞️ Interesting Reads
  • With everything going on with Russia’s war in Ukraine, there is a huge fear that crypto rails will be used for bad purposes. FTX lays out the case of why this won’t happen and the steps they take to ensure that. 
  • Machine Learning Ops (MLOps) is currently very messy, disorganized, and difficult to manage despite (or because?) of all of the hype in the space. 
  • The future of predictive computing, written by my partner Alfred Chuang at Race Capital.
  • A primer on correspondent banking relationships and how moving money internally works.
  • A story on the origins of AngelList, how they started as a small newsletter to what it is today. Fun fact, my first company - StartupDigest, was one of the first companies to be sent out through the AngelList newsletter. 
  • Be extremely careful in using company “loans” to exercise options, the results can be very dangerous. 
  • Why recycling matters for VCs. TLDR - It improves net multiples to LPs. 
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