Startups & Tech - Issue #191: Primer on SWIFT, Content Archiving, and VC Pacing

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I am deeply saddened by the outbreak of war in Ukraine and hearing the firsthand accounts of what families and individuals have had to deal with over the weekend. 
Hug your loved ones close tonight and stay safe out there..
Written by Chris McCann, General Partner @ Race Capital. More about me.

🗞️ Interesting Reads
  • In a world first, a sovereign country has asked for donations in the form of BTC & ETH, cementing the view that digital assets are real assets. The addresses listed collected $8M+ at the time of this writing. 
  • A primer on SWIFT - what it is, why it matters in regard to Russian sanctions, and why it might not have as big of intended consequences as one may initially think. 
  • While some Ukrainian content is being censored on web2, web3 projects like Arweave & Bundlr are working towards archiving all of the real time data coming from direct sources. 
  • A primer on security engineering and how to create secure systems. 
  • We are starting to see some compression in late stage valuations, including Chime delaying its IPO timeline due to soft pricing.
  • Based on the data it does look like the pace of venture investing by funds is increasing, with an average of 32% of capital called in year 1, and investment periods of 2 years.
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