Startups & Tech - Issue #189: Facebook's tough week, Solana Pay, Contributing to Web3

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Gm. Two personal updates for this week.
  1. Race Capital is growing up with a new office and new sign.
  2. FormFunction, a new 1/1 NFT marketplace on Solana, launched last week and I released 3 of my photographs there. Very cool to have a collector DAO + individuals collecting my photographs! 
Written by Chris McCann, General Partner @ Race Capital. More about me.

🗞️ Interesting Reads
  • Facebook had a tough week, both losing users and $240B in market cap value.
  • Jump Trading’s Wormhole bridge was hacked and lost $320M in assets. Luckily Jump stepped in to backstop the whole and other bridges like Allbridge were not affected. 
  • FTX raised their series C round valuing the company at $32B, one of the biggest unicorns in the world. We are proud seed investors of FTX since day one 💪
  • Solana released Solana Pay, a way to pay merchants using SPL assets. I tested it myself at a local coffee shop and the experience was awesome.
  • Not all VCs in web3 are good, not all are bad either. Instead it’s best to understand the incentive structure behind projects issuing tokens. 
  • How to contribute to the web3 ecosystem as a non developer.
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