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Hi folks, it’s Jói again!
My company just moved into its new office space today. It’s actually a cluster of SaaS startups called called Quarter. I’ll post about it again once it’s got a website, but it’s pretty exciting, 9 different SaaS startups sharing one office floor, learning from each other and drinking a lot of coffee.
I told you a few weeks ago that I’d lay off the one-click surveys for a while until I had a question so compelling that you wouldn’t be able to control your urge to answer. Well, here it is:
Are you a Mac or a PC? (just click your answer to respond)
I told you you wouldn’t be able to resist 😉

Tool of the week
Content Snare | Extract Content From Your Clients
Tools I've actually used recently 🤓
Designrr - Create beautiful lead magnets without writing a single word
Tools discovered recently
Giveaway campaigns guaranteed to grow your email list like never before.
Simple Collaborative Mind Maps - Coggle
DailyStory | Better customer engagement
Meetingbird | The Calendar that Makes Meeting Scheduling Easy
Articles for this week
A Blog Content + Pay-Per-Click Traffic System That Works
Growth Hacking: Inside Duolingo's Monster 9-Figure Growth Strategy
The Crazy Egg Guide to Conversion Copywriting
That's it for this issue
I hope you’ve had a great week and will have an even greater weekend. For me, it’s back to screwing together IKEA furniture and hanging whiteboards for the new office.
Check my startup CrankWheel if you’d like to convert more of your website visitors by calling them back immediately upon request, and being able to screen share to them with zero friction.
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