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Hi folks,
Another week, another newsletter, this one a couple of days earlier than usual. The reason for that is, there’s a fantastic deal on my startup CrankWheel’s product over at Appsumo, and I would feel weird if I didn’t tell you guys about it early on, in case it sells out.
It was pre-released to a limited audience on Thursday, and it’s going live in Appsumo’s newsletter in about 8 hours. 
Since Thursday, I’ve been working pretty much 16-hour days responding to questions on Appsumo, and gearing up for the launch in other ways. 
For the same reason, I haven’t had time to finish writing the 2nd part of The $0 Subscription Startup Stack. Sorry about that, it’s coming soon though.
You can expect a blog post from me about getting listed on Appsumo once the whole process is done. It’ll be complete in about 60 days once I see how many refunds are requested, how many users we get, what kind of quality feedback they’re giving, etc. Lots of things learned already.

Community survey results
I’ve been using Survicate for the simple surveys in the last couple of issues, but it turns out their free plan is too limited (50 responses per month, not 50 per survey as I had thought). If anybody knows of a free tool for these kind of one-click surveys, please let me know!
The results of last week’s survey were quite interesting. About 75% of respondents are either looking for funding at all, or are still bootstrapping but planning for funding later.
I’ve been posting some funding-related articles lately. Too many?
Growth tip
If you can get your product on Appsumo, it seems like a fantastic avenue for growth. Not sure whether it made a difference, but we registered with them about 8 months ago.
Tool of the week
Beeminder | Stop procrastinating
Tools I actually used recently
API Integration Platform As A Service | APIANT
Tools discovered recently
Amplemarket | Fetch - Lead Enrichment for Slack
Billy: Hassle-free accounting software for successful entrepreneurs
On-Page SEO Checklist: How to Fully Optimize Your Posts
The Best Landing Page Inspiration | Lapa.Ninja
Discounts for our Audience
CrankWheel for a one-time payment of $39
Articles for this week
Make Money: Don’t Raise Money – Gary Vaynerchuk – Medium
The end of the internet startup
3 Crucial Features of High-Growth Startups
3 Pillars of the Most Successful Tech Products
That's it for this issue
Wish me luck! I’m going to be waking up at 3AM (that’s when the deal goes live) and we’re making sure we have everything lined up just right so that we can handle the flood of questions and potential support requests that will be coming in.
Until next week, take care out there in startup land.
If you have development needs and need to find solid talent quickly, I’d recommend taking a look at Toptal. They screen to find the top 3% of developers, and there’s a 2-week no-risk guarantee if they don’t match you with someone you think is great.
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