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Trial and error strategy in insurance 🔎 Techstars Insurtech Digest - Issue #87 is out! Women in Insurance Awards 2021, Discover 500 tech and science trends and more

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A new perspective on an old-established industry. Find latest report, news and information about startups and innovations in the insurance industry, with a focus on best #insurtech initiatives and venture capital investments

A new age for trial and error in insurance
Must-read insurtech stories
Swiss Re, Baidu team up in autonomous driving business
Women in Insurance Awards 2021
How Asia’s Latest Insurtech Unicorn Is Transforming The Insurance Industry
Insurtech Reports and Studies
       The Future Today Institute's 14th Annual Tech Trends Report
The Future Today Institute's 14th Annual Tech Trends Report
The cataclysmic events of the past year resulted in a significant number of new signals. As a result, we’ve analyzed more than 500 tech and science trends across multiple industry sectors. In our 14th annual Tech Trends Report, we have published 12 separate reports with trends grouped by subject. We are including what we’ve called Book Zero, which details our methodology and shows how we did our work. Discover critical insights for business, strategy, government and strategy leaders. See what strategic action you can take on the futures, today.
Post of the week
Investment and Startup Use Cases
Insurance startup Slide raises $100 million
Kettle books $25M for its reinsurance platform against fire and other catastrophes
Vesttoo raises $15m Series B
Insurtech Digest Back Issues
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Inside a Techstars Accelerator (Short Version)
Inside a Techstars Accelerator (Short Version)
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