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Create + Collaborate + Launch

Create + Collaborate + Launch

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Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #18

As one of the Global Regional Partner of Faster Capital, I want to invite your startup to apply for our next virtual acceleration session.Non-technical entrepreneurs who couldn't find a technical co-founder to build their startups can join our incubator now. …


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #17

Being able to draw from a diverse pool of readings enables us to seamlessly adjust our thinking, not only across verticals but across a wide range of business objectives for each of our needs.We believe in interdisciplinary thinking approach. Interdisciplinar…


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #16

As we are entering a new year, we will leave you with some food for thought:Let’s try to be part of the solution in 2019 and beyond:The 4th dimension of humanity is the Emergent Behavior; the “collective power”, the extra separate being that emerges out of “p…


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #14

Time is a limited commodityThe key to success is not hard working but smart working. Sometimes, working less can actually produce better results. Consider a small business owner, who works non-stop. However, working hard won’t help you compete with his multi-…


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #11

Find Your Pathways To Success Today’s startups face a host of new challenges. The marketplace is more competitive than ever before, and statistics show that roughly 80 percent of new startups fail. Success requires a lot of planning and vision. Beyond that, i…


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #10

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Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #9

- Create + Collaborate + Launch -


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #8

- Create + Collaborate + Launch -


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #7

Create + Collaborate + Launch


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #6

We lost a great mind today. RIP Stephen Hawking. And hope that the solar flares will not wreak havoc with your electric equipment.


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #5

In this issue we want to share some information about our startups. As you can see, we are truly segment and market agnostic and are helping startups from many varied array of ideas, solutions, products and services. - Create + Collaborate + Launch -


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #4



Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #3

One Question That Will Cure All Your Business’s Problems!A short video by Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank that says it all.If you do not have this magic juice, you have nothing! Watch the video.Let’s us help you create the best business model to have the best …


Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #2

How we all became experts on everything (And master of none!)(Condensed from an article by Rex Huppke of the Chicago Tribune)This is the trap of the information age. We have so much information at our fingertips that we think a few finger taps/clicks on the m…


Weekly newsletter of Startup Port - Issue #1

Unfortunately some assumptions often masquerade as facts!Since you don’t have infinite time, find out which assumptions are correct or incorrect as quickly as possible to discover a real problem worth solving.Don’t be entangled in a web of assumptions created…