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February 22 · Issue #3 · View online

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No Sales = No Business!
No Sales = No Business!
The Cure To All Your Business’s Problems!
One Question That Will Cure All Your Business’s Problems!
A short video by Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank that says it all.
If you do not have this magic juice, you have nothing! Watch the video.
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5 traits angel investors look for in startups
What angel investors look for in startups
Over 700 investors attended the 2016 Angel Capital Association’s Summit at the Pennsylvania Convention Center last fall. Here are a few key takeaways from what angel investors are looking for in a company that is worth their while from this event. This is what investors are looking for in startups, so entrepreneurs and founders need to heed from these insights.
1. Notable founder profile
“Entrepreneurs need to elevate their personal profiles,” “We’re interested in knowing what the founder is all about and how much they have invested in this.” A founder needs to show deep drive and passion in order to seal the deal. “They need to show that they would do anything to be successful: run through walls, never take no for an answer,” Have GRITS stamina and perseverance. 
2. Solid team chemistry
Besides showing commitment for the company and the knowledge to bring value, investors look for smooth and risk-free interaction among members of the startup team, to ensure long-term stability. When the founders face a problem and face some resistance, “They need to convince investors and their team how they are going to work together on this and solve it”. The Team chemistry and culture must be perfect. The team members must have complementary skill sets.
3. Awareness of competition
“You’ll hear often from startup companies that their product doesn’t face any competition,” that is absurd, there is no such thing as this the first time…“Make sure you invest in someone who truly understands the market they’re trying to access (Market-fit)” An honest assessment of the rivals that a company will have to measure itself against is a boost of confidence for investors. Founders should not be falling in love with their idea/concept but rather be fully in tune of their competitors gaps and weaknesses. 
4. Skin in the game
The investors gave the aspiring angels a word of advice to identify worthy investments: a tried and true measure of a founder’s commitment to an idea is their willingness to put up part of the cash or assets. Personal debt or equity is a sign of trust in the potential worth of an idea.
5. Willingness to compromise
While discussing the terms of the deal, a startup seeking to have access to cash must be willing to offer some say in decision making to the initial investors. In turn, angels must compromise to reach a fair balance. “All founders want to keep as much control as they can,” “As investors, we must understand that it’s the founder’s company. We never want to take the entrepreneurial spirit out of the founding team and, frankly, that means making sure they keep some control.”
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Team Puzzle
Team Puzzle
The importance of founder-to-market fit for Startups
In the line with the two first articles of this newsletter, the founder to market fit is as important as the market fit of your idea!
Fundamentally, your startup success rate is directly dependent on your team, market, product, and traction.
And all early stage venture firms look at team, market, product, and traction.
It all boils down to closing the sales and having a great marketing matrix and the core of the issue is: to you have an “unfair distribution advantage.”
Smart investors gravitate towards startups that possess a unique and defensible route towards gaining sales & marketing scale once there is product-market fit. This advantage can manifest itself in many ways. Sometimes there is a founder which a particular charisma to strike step-function business deals.
Sometimes there is a structural advantage like exceptional SEO built directly into the product itself.
Sometimes there is the presence of an analytically-trained marketing-oriented founder who knows the paid acquisition playbook cold.
Or a true growth hacker marketer.
Or a service which is truly inherently viral (not just high word of mouth & referral rates).
At the end of the day, the founder (or founders) need to know the field and all the mines in the sales and marketing hurdle…
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Short takes and newswordy stuff...
Silicon Valley backlash won’t necessarily cause an exodus to Middle America. From VentureBeat. Read Full Article. 
Intelligent Investing: Investors, Know When To Say No To Innovation. From Forbes. Read Full Article. 
New world of fractures and fragilities: The biggest risks we face have nothing to do with plunging stock prices. From MarketWatch. Read Full Article.  
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About Startup Port: We partner with outstanding entrepreneurs and founders to help them build successful companies. Beyond just plain dollars, Startup Port brings “intellectual capital” in the form of matter experts who provide guidance, mentoring, operational advisory and coaching to entrepreneurs, by serving on their boards, providing much needed contacts/networking relationships, assisting with strategic growth planning, key hiring decisions, and preparing them for fundraising
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