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Startup Port Newsletter - Issue #10


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May 24 · Issue #10 · View online

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The buzz this week: No one is ready for GDPR! A recent survey found that 91 percent of American businesses lack awareness surrounding the details of the GDPR, while 84 percent don’t understand the GDPR’s implications for their specific business.

Photo credit: Fox Studios via Vox and from Recode
Photo credit: Fox Studios via Vox and from Recode
Startup Port Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Updates
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Startup Port Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Updates.
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As a subscriber to news and updates from Startup Port we want to let you know that we have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service with additional detail about the types of personal data we process, how we use that data, and with whom we share it in line with the GDPR guidelines, even though we do not do business in the EU.
If you have any questions, concerns, comments or if you would like to exercise your rights related to your personal data you may reach our data privacy team via email at
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The Startup Port Process
Startup Port offers a sought after and competitive program with a track record for business success. We work with a select handful of quarterly applicants through the launch process.
We begin with a business assessment to determine the product to market fit, the most efficient revenue generation process, and the methods for optimizing talent. Our startups then participate in our proprietary Sprint 90 program, developed to help founders plan and launch their businesses.
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What is GDPR anyway?
Here is a nice guide about GDPR from Recode. A practical guide to the European Union’s GDPR for American businesses.
Are you an American business owner with operations or customers in Europe? On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect, bringing about a number of significant changes in how organizations collect, process, manage and store personal data.
What is the GDPR?
The GDPR is a major update to the EU’s existing data protection rules, designed to reflect some of the defining trends of recent years such as globalization and accelerating growth in digital technology. Its intention is to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the EU.
In addition to EU-based companies, it will apply to any U.S. company collecting, processing, managing or storing the personal data of those in EU member states in relation to the delivery of goods or services or behavior monitoring.
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About Startup Port: We partner with outstanding entrepreneurs and founders to help them build successful companies. Beyond just plain dollars, Startup Port brings “intellectual capital” in the form of matter experts who provide guidance, mentoring, operational advisory and coaching to entrepreneurs, by serving on their boards, providing much needed contacts/networking relationships, assisting with strategic growth planning, key hiring decisions, and preparing them for fundraising
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