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This Weird Week - Issue #8

Starships & Steel
Starships & Steel
Welcome back! Looks like we are falling into a bi-weekly publication schedule for the newsletter, hopefully that means it doesn’t become another of **THOSE** things that gets ignored in your inbox.
I hope everyone is having an amazing October and getting ready for Halloween!

Things From Beyond.
Coming up in November 2021 is the RPG Alliance Convention here in Calgary! This will be a 2 day virtual/in-person gaming event! The in-person events will be held at Dickens Pub on Sunday, while the virtual events will occur on Saturday and SUNDAY! (Trevor has corrected me on this point! MORE GAMES MORE TIME!)
If you are around and need something to do the convention is looking for volunteers! Come on down (or online) and lend a hand! These things are fun, but need many hands to have them work and BE FUN!
If you want some stone age excitement don’t forget to sign up for WRATH OF THE SHAMAN! once game registration is open!
Halloween Sale
If you need a scary game to run your Halloween one shot, drivethrurpg has you covered with their Halloween sale!
RP Archive
I also recently came across another crafting channel on YouTube that I thought might be of interest to some of you out there. So head on over to RP Archive and get some new ideas for crafting! He makes some seriously high quality terrain over there!
People of the Dragon
If you play Conan Exiles, a new DLC has dropped! Get over to steam and check out all the new armor and building pieces for the Nemedians. I can’t say this is the exact stylistic choices I would have made, but it pushes closer to what I would have liked than the Aquilonian DLC did.
Let Fate Decide.
This is normally a random table, and I have some big ones to share in the future (Full 100 item list for Blood & Snow, and some similar styled 100 item loot lists for Conan!)
Today I wanted to share something new I have been working on. I have long been inspired by ole’ Hank over at Runehammer. One of the things he created, that I loved, but never got around to using was his index cards, basically 3x5 index cards with evocative black and white images on them.
Inspired by these, I wanted to share some of my index cards I have created. I thought my friends here might enjoy them and get some use, or be inspired themselves!
Some long dead creatures ribs poke up through the snow.
Some long dead creatures ribs poke up through the snow.
Tavern table and bench
Tavern table and bench
Squadron of guards or soldiers.
Squadron of guards or soldiers.
Scrawlings from Beyond the Grave.
So yeah. I now have a couple of articles half way written and getting prepped for launch over on the blog. lol.
I find myself having little time for writing over on the blog between drawing, school, work and home life, the days are busy!
SOON! (Whatever that means)
Market of Mayhem.
If you need a coffee cup, notebook, t-shirt or similar come on by the tee public store to get some Starships & Steel branded merchandise!
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Starships & Steel
Starships & Steel

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