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9: Designing news, the color orange and editorial design

9: Designing news, the color orange and editorial design
By Team Stark • Issue #9 • View online
Hey! Welcome to A Stark Difference in Design: A collection of articles, news and inspiration with a focus on accessibility, color and designing world-class products for everyone. We try to curate signal in a world full of noise. 📝

Tidbits from the web
The etymology of Orange
The etymology of Orange
Until the 16th century, there was no word for that color in English and even then, when writers referenced it, they said something like “that thing that is the color of an orange”
Which came first? The color or the fruit? Clearly the fruit. The same applies for the tangerine. 🤯
“Designing a good children’s app is more than just dumbing down adult concepts.” (Tanya Unger) The essence of designing a successful product for them lies in understanding their differences from and similarities to adults.
A great design write up on process and guides which also completely wash away the myth that in order to design products for children, we must “dumb down” to their level. News flash: It’s the complete opposite. The mini-humans are beyond intelligent.
+ Something we’re thinking about
We’re all just temporarily abled. — Sara Soueidan
Felicity White
Currently attending #code18. My favourite quote so far is: "We're all just temporarily abled"
Remember to think about designing and developing websites and applications to be inclusive and accessible for our users! <3<3 #a11y #webdev
A page out of Designing News
A page out of Designing News
Unsurprisingly published by Gestalten, this book itself should make the headline news of Design. It is beautiful — from copy to visuals. The website itself is simplicity at its finest.
Updates on Stark:
+ Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the survey. The feedback was extremely valuable!
+ Michael and I (Cat) just got back from San Francisco where we planned and worked side by side on something new. Full Disclosure: We’ve had our lips sealed about something huge we’ve been working really hard on for the last couple of weeks. More on that very soon. It’s beautiful…
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