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5: Accessibility in React, educating users, and copy design

5: Accessibility in React, educating users, and copy design
By Team Stark • Issue #5 • View online
Hey! Welcome to A Stark Difference in Design: A collection of articles, news and inspiration on designing world-class products for everyone. We try to curate signal in a world full of noise. 📝

Tidbits from the web
+ In a tweet, @stephaniecodes shared her sketch notes (below) on how to make a react app accessible and stated:
Semantic html, #a11y AND building @reactjs applications are not mutually exclusive. 🤝💖⚛️
How to make a React app accessible
How to make a React app accessible
Reporters, teachers, and public speakers are all good examples of writers who use plain language to make their topics more appealing and approachable. —18F
+ A great point from Matt May: Are you aiding and educating your users on accommodations already meant for them?
Matt May
I'm watching hours of interviews with users with disabilities, and a lot of what they're asking for is already in every major OS. Sticky keys, for example.

Part of advocating for #a11y should be helping people find the accommodations that are already meant for them.
+ Accessibility for Everyone by Laura Kalbag
…understand disability and impairment challenges; get a handle on important laws and guidelines; and learn how to plan for, evaluate, and test accessible design. Leverage tools and techniques like clear copywriting, well-structured IA, meaningful HTML, and thoughtful design, to create a solid set of best practices. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned pro, get sure footing on the path to designing with accessibility.
Updates on Stark:
+ Help us out — answer a few questions! We’re in the process of creating our roadmap for the next 12 months. If you love Stark, we’d really appreciate it. It’ll take the only a hot second 🔥 Okay, okay, maybe a minute or so…
+ Big thanks to Neil Berry for his blog post on Stark aimed at folks who haven’t tried it out yet
I’m so impressed with it - it’s fast, addresses real-world problems and is quite eye-opening with regards the colour blindness aspect. What’s more, I can now check my designs directly within Sketch.
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