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10: Stark + Adobe XD, a design community ethics board, and a11y in education

10: Stark + Adobe XD, a design community ethics board, and a11y in education
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Hey! Welcome to this week’s Stark Difference in Design.

Tidbits from the community
I’m continually thinking about the impact our work has on the world — especially on the product / company being built. Medical professionals who are continually practicing medicine have nothing but good intentions. But realistically, there are a few that do their job without much rigor or care for the patient. And in the event of wrong-doing, be it knowingly or unintentionally, doctors must report to a board.
Having said that, what are your thoughts on whether or not we as a design community should have an ethics board we have to report to in the event of wrong-doing of a person / people be it intentional or unintentional? –@imcatnoone
Why teachers and institutions in general need to be educated on accessibility and what happens when they’re not:
Jessica Preece
It’s that time of year that professors are encountering students who have accessibility accommodations.

A thread about a time I screwed up and what it taught me:
Use this checklist to help build accessibility into your process no matter your role or stage in a project.
  • Check the boxes of the guidelines that apply to your project
  • Preview and copy the checklist to your clipboard
  • Paste the checklist into a document, Slack, Trello—or however else your team organizes projects
This is a gem.
no one cares about crazy people book cover
no one cares about crazy people book cover
From the centuries of torture of “lunatiks” at Bedlam Asylum to the infamous eugenics era to the follies of the anti-psychiatry movement to the current landscape in which too many families struggle alone to manage afflicted love ones, Powers limns our fears and myths about mental illness and the fractured public policies that have resulted. 
Updates on Stark:
The Stark XD plugin in the manager
The Stark XD plugin in the manager
For starters, we’re excited to announce the Stark integration for AdobeXD coming soon to help you design and build products that are accessible, ethical, and inclusive. We’re smitten kittens sitting next to amazing companies like Behance, Airtable, Dribbble and more.
In addition, we’re so proud to continue our journey with the support of Adobe through the Adobe Fund for Design. The effort and assistance from Adobe has not only been encouraging, but a reassurance that we as a community have the ability to innovate and move design as a whole forward.
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