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The Stamp Stories Newsletter- Issue #1

The Stamp Stories Newsletter
The Stamp Stories Newsletter
An Introduction to Fellow Collectors
Hello Stamp Collectors!
Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter. I know there are lots of places to get your stamp fix - so I appreciate every person reading this. This is why it was also super important for me to consider how I can bring value to you.
One way is to share even more stories. Sometimes as I’m collecting or researching I come across amazing stories but it’s not relevant to an episode I’m working on. However, they still deserve a space, and this will be the goal of this newsletter.
Another aspect of this newsletter, will to keep you up to date on the latest episodes, surveys and other fun things planned.
I hope you join us on the journey. So thanks for being here!

The Great Canadian Stamp Survey Results Show
What a response to our survey! We can’t wait to share the results. The survey will close at Midnight Eastern on November 23rd, 2021.
What started out as some curiosity amongst me and some friends has taken in a life of its own. It’s been well received and shared by BNAPS, CSN, APS and more. It’s so important your voice is heard, so please make sure to add your voice here. If you like to help ensure we get even more responses, you can also share the Tweet below!
I will be working on a results show you don’t want to miss, so make sure you subscribe to this newsletter or to our podcast here. I hope to have ready early December.
Help us learn what Canadian Stamp Collectors care about by filling in this short 15 minute survey. Please also share with your Canadian stamp collecting friends! #philately
Now onto some Stamp Stories….
The First Woman To Design Stamps for Canada
Helen Roberta Fitzgerald (or as Helen Bacon in some documents) was the first woman to design postage stamps for Canada. Her earliest work was the Associated Country Women of the World stamp (1959) and appeared on a total of eight Canadian postage stamp. Learn more about her here.
The Pierre Laporte Stamp
In October 1970, Mr. Laporte suffered a tragic and untimely death at the hands of kidnappers by members of the Front de Libération du Québec. The stamp was issued in 1971, in his memory. This was the first time such a stamp was issued by Canada Post. At the time there was a rule requiring a ten year wait before a new stamp could be issued honouring a deceased person. That rule has since been rescinded. You can learn more about Mr Laporte and the stamp here.
First Christmas Stamp?
From the archive, and to get you all in the Christmas Spirit, here is an episode we did on the Canada’s famous Xmas Map stamp of 1898. 🎅
Parting Words
We hoped you enjoyed our first issue! We welcome you to reply with your own stories and fascinating discoveries you’ve made in your own research of Canadian Stamps too. Maybe you’ll see them here next time.
Until we meet again - happy collecting!
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The Stamp Stories Newsletter
The Stamp Stories Newsletter @StampStoriesCA

Every stamp has a story and we want to share as many stories as we can with you. This newsletter is a supplement to our podcast available at

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