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Hey Sports Tech Fans,
It has been awhile and apologies for that but it has been just so busy with my company LiveDuel these past few months.
Techstars have also decided to change platforms for this newsletter which has made it more time consuming to put this together! But it will be back soon!
I just wanted to let you know about a competition I am running for the World Cup with my startup.
It is called World Cup Goal Fest!
We have partnered with some of the best young talent in the football content creation space.
You can enter by following this link:
The idea of doing a traditional bracket prediction competition, really wasn’t exciting to me, as it takes a lot of time and lets be honest most peoples brackets are done after the first few games.
An office pool, is also kind of boring as it is pure luck as to what team you get.
So I decided to design our own game format to engage fans during the World Cup, while we are still busy finalising the LiveDuel product and our regulation compliance.
The concept for the competition is quite easy.
We have ranked all 32 teams at this years World Cup based on our Power Rankings and divided the teams into four pots.
You pick a team from each pot that you think will score the most goals at this years World Cup.
The goals your selected teams get during the World Cup, will be added together and at the end of the World Cup we will release the leaderboard.
Most goals wins!
It is $500 for 1st, $250 for 2nd and $100.
It’s that easy!
It would be great to have you involved and feel free to share the link with those that would be interested.
Have a great sporting weekend,

LiveDuel World Cup Goal Fest - Fans
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