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Techstars Space Startup Digest

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Bringing you out of this world content focused on startups bridging the gap between humanity and the next great frontier: Space.

Astronomical Raises
HawkEye 360 raises $145M to scale space-based radio frequency data and analytics
Orbital Acquisitions
Planet to acquire VanderSat in $28 million deal
Redwire acquires space biotech company Techshot
Space Hotlinks
Capella to Add Mynaric Optical Terminals on Future Satellites
Space Startup Spotlight
A 'Space Tug' Firm Is Launching 13 'Green' Payloads Into Two Orbits
Morpheus unveils Sphere product line for satellite constellations
Stellar Perspective
Space startups an investment target for big defense contractors
SSA Matters
Astroscale Signs MoU With New Zealand Regarding Space Safety + Sustainability
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Julian Miller Julian Miller - @gvillesjules
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