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Techstars Space Startup Digest

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Bringing you out of this world content focused on startups bridging the gap between humanity and the next great frontier: Space.

Astronomical Raises
Space Perspective raises $40M Series A for stratospheric balloon rides
Hedron, formerly Analytical Space, raises $17.8 million
Infostellar Raises $6.2M in Series B Financing to Grow Network of Ground Station Service
TrustPoint raises $2 million for GPS alternative
Spaced Ventures Adds $1.2M Seed To Allow The Masses Access To Space Investing
Government Boosters
Space startups selected for accelerator program in New Mexico
India’s PM vows broader public-private space cooperation as OneWeb eyes Indian launches
Stellar Perspective
Space Investment Quarterly Reports
Fledgling European space businesses still lacking the funds to fly
Space Startup Spotlight
Steve Wozniak and Alex Fielding’s startup Privateer aims to be the Google Maps of space
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