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Techstars Space Startup Digest

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Bringing you out of this world content focused on startups bridging the gap between humanity and the next great frontier: Space.

Woz Up!
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wants to clean up space junk with new company
Stellar Perspective
Space Continues to be Hard. Firefly's Alpha Rocket Detonates Shortly After Launch
Space SPACs could prompt new wave of acquisitions
Space SPACs struggle to lift off
Astronomical Fundings
Peter Thiel Bankrolls HySpecIQ, Satellite Imaging Startup
Winklevoss twins back Payload, a new outlet covering business of space
The OSAM Economy
Sierra Space and Space Tango’s Plans For Manufacturing New LEO Economy and Create Space Business Opportunities
Spaceflight will be ferrying payloads from Orbit Fab, GeoJump to lunar orbit next year
Manufacturing in Space for Earth-Bound Products - Nanalyze
SSA Matters
'Gas Stations' in Space Could Save Thousands of Satellites from Becoming Trash
Satellite operators need more accurate SSA data
Startup Launch Deals
ABL Space Systems to launch NASA technology demonstration mission
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