By Sophie Mona Pagès

Breaking News: It Sucks To Be Non-Binary On Dating Apps





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Sophie Mona Pagès
Sophie Mona Pagès
Dating, sex, and relationships—without the norms.

Hey, curious.
Did you know that 100% of this newsletter subscribers identify as non-binary or could be dating a non-binary person? What a coincidence! Here’s something for you.
On Thursday, we are thrilled to welcome my friend Cheyenne M. Davis to host a conversation about their Bustle article: Why It Still Sucks To Be Non-Binary On Dating Apps (click below to read).
For Non-Binary Folks, There Are No Good Dating Apps
Spoiler: improving the experience of non-binary folks on dating apps doesn’t stop at adding cute little boxes so that we can self-identify. And don’t get me started on when those boxes mix gender and sex.
Sophie Mona Pagès
A kind reminder that "female" and "male" are no gender. They are about genetics and anatomy, not gender.
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Wondering why there’s a selection process to join LVRSNFRNDS: we curate our community so once in you don’t have to educate others on why they should not act like bigots #saferspace
Take care.
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Sophie Mona Pagès
Sophie Mona Pagès @sophspages

Identity, intimacy, and relationships—without the norms.

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