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Productivity is overrated

Productivity is overrated
By Soozi Baggs • Issue #2 • View online
Spring has sprung, but for many of us, it’s just another day at home. I don’t know about you, but I’m really struggling with the endless days at home and restrictions on going anywhere or doing anything. That said, this week I had a teary conversation with one of my sons who is apprehensive about going back to school tomorrow because I’ll no longer be helping him with his school work. Now, my experience of helping him with school work (particularly maths) is that I’m completely hopeless and seem to make it more complicated than it needs to be. It often involves tears and tantrums (mine, mostly) and one or other of us wanting to throw his laptop out the window. But it turns out that it’s exactly this kind of family time that he’s been cherishing over the past year, and the thought of going back to what he describes as the treadmill of school/weekend/school again, is filling him with all kinds of conflicting emotions.
And for all the monotony of it, and no matter how much I’m yearning to sit and chat to a friend in a coffee shop or fall about laughing when I can’t get the steps right in Zumba class, there are definitely parts of lockdown that I’ll miss too (although I’m not sure it’s the maths school work!)
So whilst it feels like the fog of lockdown is slowly starting to lift, and that’s very welcome in a lot of ways, I think it’s important that we learn from any positives that may have come out of it. Perhaps you’ve created a healthy morning routine, or you’ve been sleeping more, or you’ve spent more time with your kids, or you’ve made more of an effort to stay in touch with old friends.
Whatever it is for you, try to incorporate some of these good habits into your life when you’ve got the choice to go back to the bad ones.

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I’ve chosen to consciously avoid the news as much as possible, especially during Covid, because the negativity of it gets me down. But every 3 months I receive my copy of Positive News, which lets me read about good things happening around the world. And as luck would have it, they’re offering a free copy to anyone and everyone - just pay postage. Offer ends today, so get in quick!
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Now, you
I want to try and leave each of these emails on a positive action note, and something that has helped me massively this week is writing in my journal, so I want to encourage you to try it too.
I’ve often used journalling and writing to help me release emotions, make decisions, and generally get my thoughts straight. But I usually do it digitally, whereas this week I finally made a start on a new journal that’s been sitting on my bookshelf for a while.
Not only does the act of writing feel different to typing but if, like me, a lot of your work, study, and socialising is done in front of a screen, it feels like a real treat to get comfy in an armchair with a cup of coffee, a nice pen, and a beautiful book to write in.
I’d love to hear how you get on. Does it free up any blocks you’ve been having? Does it help to clarify your thoughts on any problems you’ve been thinking about? Or does it just feel good to spend some time focused on yourself?
Til next time,
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Soozi Baggs

Finding time and space to write can be challenging, but finding time and space to *think* about what you're going to write is the far greater challenge.
This regular(ish) letter about productivity, positivity, and (ugh) procrastination, is dedicated to writers and students who want to get more (thoughtful) writing done.

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