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November 4 · Issue #2 · View online

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"Redefining Disability" at Campus London
"Redefining Disability" at Campus London
Opening thought: Redefining disability
I tend to shy away from covering disability tech for fear of being pigeonholed. However, my ego got the better of me last week when I was asked to be a late replacement for Saul Klein as moderator for an assistive tech event held at Campus London.
Titled ‘Redefining Disability’ and organised by Israeli charity Beit Issie Shapiro (BIS) and Google, the panel showcased important work being done to make technology more accessible for people with disabilities, something that Apple recently highlighted in a must-watch video shown during its new MacBook Pro launch last week.
I opened the evening with a personal anecdote about how technology has redefined my own disability by creating a more level playing field in many areas of my life, including my career (see my email to Steve Jobs on the topic). 
I also drew a fun analogy with the 1993 New Yorker cartoon “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” explaining that the dog in the cartoon could easily be a person with a disability, when and if technology is made inclusive.
But most of all the event was a call-to-arms for developers and entrepreneurs to make their apps accessible (see universal design efforts by Google, Microsoft and Apple) and to build new and innovative assistive tech. The so-called Purple Pound – the collective spending power of people with disabilities – is said to be worth well over £80 billion in the UK alone.
Bonus: Which D-list London startup founder was once overheard accusing me of playing the disability card? Slightly ludicrous, I know.
Things I wrote this week
Invoice financing marketplace Arex picks up €3M backing
Keen Venture Partners is a new European VC firm founded by ex-BT CEO
Bud is a UK startup that wants to re-bundle all of your fintech apps into one fintech app
Gousto, the UK cook-at-home recipe kit service, serves up further £10M in funding
DJiT, the French startup behind DJ app edjing, raises further $2.6M
Resolver plans to use AI to make your customer complaint stick
Encore wants to make it easy to book a musician or band for your event
Closing thought: Know your audience
O'Hear vs Cook's Twitter audience
O'Hear vs Cook's Twitter audience
Readers of this newsletter probably already follow me on Twitter but do you also follow Business Insider UK tech editor James Cook?
Data shared with me by London-based content marketing platform Codec shows that our Twitter audiences’ interests are similar but also different.
Tech is an obvious overlap, but Cook’s audience is way more into “Government, Law & Politics” topics, while my followers come out on top for “Business & Entrepreneurship” topics.
Weirdly, “Comedy Films” are big for Cook’s audience, but doesn’t even register with my followers. I guess I provide enough laughs already.
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