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What Makes Local News Worth Paying For?

💐💐💐 Good Monday morning! Happy April, and happy April Fools' for those who celebrate. It's supposed t
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What Makes Local News Worth Paying For?
By Adriana Lacy • Issue #10 • View online
💐💐💐 Good Monday morning! Happy April, and happy April Fools’ for those who celebrate. It’s supposed to reach a high of 83 today in L.A., and I for one, have no complaints. Wherever you are, I hope the spring is treating you well.
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Transforming Trust to Dollars and Cents
Pew Research released a study on local news, with most Americans saying they prefer to get their local news online and on television. In addition, the study found that “71% of U.S. adults think their local news media are doing well financially; 14% have directly paid a local news source.”
The study highlights the age-old question in journalism: What does journalism that’s worth paying for look like?
We’ve seen various national outlets make their case for journalism worth paying for, but it’s been harder to apply to local news.
While a subscriptions based-model may work for some, a membership model may work for others with some depending on grants from organizations.
Still, the reader is at a center of it.
What does indispensable journalism look like?
I was really impressed by my hometown paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer for its compelling letter on its goals for the paper and how they want to gain reader trust.
It’s one thing to want indispensable journalism, but communicating it to your readers and showing how you plan to achieve it speaks volumes.

Brian Stelter
In today's @PhillyInquirer: A four-page special section ABOUT the paper, its investments and its work in the community. Cool effort at explaining "why we do what we do." There's also a six-minute web video
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