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The Great Television War

Happy Monday and welcome to 2019! As always, thanks for subscribing. You can reach me on Twitter at
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The Great Television War
By Adriana Lacy • Issue #6 • View online
Happy Monday and welcome to 2019!
As always, thanks for subscribing. You can reach me on Twitter at @adriana_lacy or via email at

Is Television Going Away, Or Is It Here To Stay?
In my last newsletter, I highlighted some of my favorite Nieman Lab 2018 predictions for journalism that I believe came true last year. One of them was by journalist and analyst Hossein Derakhshan, who predicted that television has won.
“Television, old or new, is the medium of our post-Enlightenment era when text and reason are substituted by images and emotions. To be brief and blunt, Trump is just the beginning.”
I mentioned that cable networks like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News had another successful year on tv and a lot of print and digital natives hit the screen including Axios with its show on HBO and the New York Times is laying the groundwork for its weekly television series. Even The Economist has a commercial now. Publishers are seeing TV not just as a way for more revenue, but for a way to tell stories and gain a new audience.
Yet, cable and satellite companies continue to struggle. Axios’ Sara Fischer noted that many television companies are “struggling to reach deals with TV channels over how much they should have to pay for the content those channels provide.”
The channels that often are first to get cut are smaller, more niche channels like Fuse, but even Verizon FiOS and Disney struggled to reach an agreement late last year about its tv offerings.
So what will happen to publishers this year who want to continue the television push?
My prediction: Slow, but steady. We’ll probably see less digital and traditional media companies making the push to tv, but the ones who can, will. Look for these media partnerships to only exist on major television stations like HBO or TNT. And, streaming services: I wouldn’t be surprised if more publishers looked to Netflix and Hulu to expand their audiences.
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