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Happy Election Eve! Let's Talk About Snapchat

Happy election eve! 🇺🇸 Around the country, newsrooms are preparing for one of the biggest nights in j
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Happy Election Eve! Let's Talk About Snapchat
By Adriana Lacy • Issue #2 • View online
Happy election eve! 🇺🇸
Around the country, newsrooms are preparing for one of the biggest nights in journalism.
For many, it’s like Christmas for journalists. Publishers are looking for ways to make their coverage stand out this election cycle, and many have adopted new and innovative ways to tell stories both on and off-platform.
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One platform that has been of interest to me lately is Snapchat. Everyone is predicting its demise, but does it still bring value to publishers?
I talked to two of my colleagues on our Snapchat Discover team for more.

Maybe there's hope for Snapchat after all
We’ve read the headlines: ’Is Snapchat Dead?,’ ’Why Snapchat Is Shrinking.’
And, we’ve seen the exits. Many publishers are quitting Snapchat, and fast. Just a few weeks ago, magazine giant Condé Nast announced it would be ending its Snapchat Discover channels for its WIRED, Vogue and GQ brands and letting go of employees who were brought in to produce them.
Many publishers that are ditching the platform say they’d rather focus on more lucrative and monetizable platforms.
Still, as legacy media organizations seek to capture the hearts (and wallets) of younger readers, Snapchat remains as a top destination, as 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old.
“It just directly connects you with a super coveted audience,” said Sebastian Vega, one of my colleagues who works on the New York Times’s Snapchat Discover team. “Even if Snap’s numbers are down, there are still like 180 million users on the platform and most of those people fall into publishers’ targeted demographic.”
Sebastian also mentioned to me that the platform itself brings another chance for publishers to flex their innovative arms. “The way we’re presenting news on the platform is super smart and innovative,” he said. “And it’s extremely mobile friendly.
Tessa Bangs, another member of the Times’s Discover Team gave me a sneak peak into the Snapchat creative process.
She mentioned that there’s a lot to think about when creating stories on the platform: deciding whether to disseminate stories through single or multiple snaps, deciding how to prioritize copy and visual elements and working with a crew of writers and designers.
"It’s a very particular type of news judgment that goes into reaching a specific audience — and their aesthetic and topical interests,” she said.
How are you using Snapchat? Do you think the platform is nearing its sunset? Let me know.
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