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A New Partnership Arises: SocialPass x SKALE

We are more than pleased to announce our partnership with SKALE Network.

If NFTs have done one thing, they made more people aware of blockchain. The general public may not understand how the blockchain works but they do know that they want to take part in a cultural phenomenon that blends money, culture, style and jpegs. But there has been one issue with the growing adoption of NFTs, scalability. 
There are too many individuals and not enough bandwidth. Transaction fees rise as a result, and confirmation times lengthen and fees rise to obnoxious levels. The realization of network congestion has spurred an emphasis on blockchains being able to handle the volume of transactions taking place on their network. As users grew tired of paying exorbitant fees on ETH, the industry began to see quality NFT projects launch on other networks.
SKALE is designed to alleviate those problems on Ethereum and a migration to the SKALE network has begun. The modular architecture of SKALE is intended to overcome the limitations of layer 1 chains such as ETH. Interestingly, SKALE is not a single blockchain, but rather a network of several blockchains with scalability and interoperability built in from the start.
More projects are beginning to build on SKALE due to its unique hybrid structure. Dapp chains can use SKALE Hubs as service stations, offering liquidity, exchanging, and marketplace services. Furthermore, SKALE’s Modular architecture provides an open network for partner services such as oracles, indexers, fiat on/off ramps, and other important services needed to run Dapps in the SKALEverse.
“We are proud to also be a project that looks to build on SKALE. As more projects in the NFT and Game-Fi sector build on SKALE, our Ticketing solutions will be in demand. It’s a no brainer really” said Tytan Co-Founder of SocialPass. 
Due to SKALEs streamlined technology, network efficiency and passion for builders, the amount of projects building on SKALE will continue to grow and we look forward to offering authentication and ticketing solutions for them throughout this time of growth!
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