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See and feel love with an exercise and anecdote.

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Social Enterprise

Tools for building the future.

I would like to do an exercise with you. I learned the exercise from Mr. Rogers. It will take us about 60 seconds. 
How does that feel for you?
I want you to close your eyes.
Not yet.
I am not finished sharing the exercise — you’ll need to keep your eyes open to get the rest.
I want you to close your eyes for one minute. During that minute, I want you to invest those 60 seconds on seeing and feeling all the people who loved you into being.
See in your mind.
Feel in your body.
See and feel the people who loved you into being.
Being with love.
What role does love play in your life?
What does “love” mean to you?
I invite you to answer me, if it feels right for you. Click “reply” on this email and share what’s coming up for you.
Sending you love.

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