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Investing in new business models means investing in your people

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Social Enterprise

Tools for building the future.

As we invest in pivots and new directions for projects we are reminded how important it is to focus on our people.
It can be easy to make sweeping decisions that impact many humans with the flick of a pen (or click of a button ✨). Nurture yourself and your people with care as you manage these massive shifts in the way you live, work, and love.
Start where your people are now. Organizations don’t simply grow - people grow - people acquire resilience which empowers them to build extraordinary things.
As the people evolve, organizations and society will naturally evolve as a direct reflection of the people.
It starts with your people. Your teams. Your communities. Open-hearted cultures of acceptance, adaptability, and resilience comes first.
Here are some links to explore to help you focus on your needs and your team’s needs on a human level.

The Homecoming - The Mindful Nest
Superpower Workshops at the Collaboratory
The 7 Superpowers of Resilience | meQuilibrium
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