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Intangible medicine that heals from within.

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It can feel like my body fills with the energy of life itself. My eyes water. As if yawning for the last few minutes. I soften. These healing moments come from what Dr. Michael Garbe calls, “corrective experiences”.
The intangible medicine is not available transactionally. I can’t buy it in a store or on a shelf. It’s already within me. I uncover it when I move through a specific moment of transformation.
Have you ever gone through a new experience that reminded you of an old, painful experience? What happens to your body when it gets activated in these moments?
For me, when I move through interactions that remind me of certain past experiences that caused me some type of emotional pain, I can feel it in my body as if it’s constricting. Shorter breath. Perhaps my body thinks I am, in fact, in the past experience and it remembers the pain.
This can alter my perception of the new experience.
It’s as if I am seeing the world through the lens of the previous painful experience which can have me look at the person in front of me as if they are the person of which the pain is associated. This person is clearly not the person from my past. They and I deserve an opportunity to connect and be together in a space free from the past.
In those moments of uncertainty, I try to stay in it. I choose to be with the discomfort (sometimes it’s nice to just eat ice cream and watch Netflix though!) to feel all of it, and, when it results in a new outcome of feelings of happiness and harmony it has a healing effect on my body. It is a corrective experience that allows me to move through similar moments in the future with more ease and flow.
“Relational trauma is healed by relationships.” -Dr. Michael Garbe
It’s about letting go of the past to move through the new experience with fresh eyes and on the faith and trust that moving through it is the right decision. No outcomes or expectations in mind. Turn towards the unknown, lean into it, and navigate my way through.
Social entrepreneurs are in the business of transformation.
We make things that make our world a good place. One of the greatest challenges, for me, during the first twelve years of my working life, was to learn the importance of continuing to deepen the capacity within myself to hold space for all the people, places, and things involved in the work I love to do. As a social entrepreneur, it can be hard.
We bring everyone to the table to figure out all the pieces to bring them back together collectively in a new way that creates win-wins for all.
The resources below invite you to access intangible medicine, deepen your capacity to hold discomfort, and provide connections to innovative, spiritual, science-based, trauma-informed mental health professionals.
That’s all for now. Thank you for your presence and attention :)
Sending you love.

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