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Social Enterprise

Tools for building the future.

Well hello there my oh-so-lovely #socent. Daniel D'Alonzo here. How are ya on this fine day? (yes, by all means, I hope you hit ‘reply’, and tell me about your day. As long as it’s not a boring story. Ha! Just playing :) 
I bought my ticket to this weekend’s Techstars Impact Ventures Startup Weekend in New York City. Are you familiar with Startup Weekend? If not, perhaps you’ll want to start here.

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Why am I attending a Startup Weekend?
I have been working on a project that makes it easier for a person to grow a social enterprise, or, as I like to call it, a purpose-driven company. I was fortunate to be born into poverty because it led to the experience-based platform that streamlines the process of building a startup that solves a social problem.
I hope to share the platform with other attendees, and perhaps my future co-founding team. 
Building a social enterprise should be as easy as selecting which social problem to solve. Join me this weekend so we can all build, launch, and grow faster.
I expect to be among the first to take ownership of America’s next frontier.
Need a problem to solve?
Perhaps you prefer the World Economic Forum reports on the high-impact high-likelihood global risks we face…
View the top-right for the highest risk, highest likelihood
View the top-right for the highest risk, highest likelihood
All these unsolved problems are opportunities that are waiting to be framed differently. Imagine if our local communities were able to build their local economies through the relief of what many are calling the greatest challenges of our time.
Another reason I am attending this weekend’s Startup Weekend is because I feel like I am in this continuous search to find like-minded individuals who share my undying passion to…
from the book, ReWork
from the book, ReWork
To attend Startup Weekend, you don’t need an active startup - or even an idea. In fact, Startup Weekend is designed as a common next step for someone intentionally entering the startup ecosystem.
Just be sure to bring the most important thing with you: a desire to meet like-minded people who share your passion to innovate creative solutions that make the world a better place. Oh, and don’t forget your ticket.
Everything you see below will be included in the SOCENT TECHSTACK you can build with at the Startup Weekend beginning this Friday. You don’t need to know how to code or ever have built anything like this before. If you have other integrations or tools that you want to use - let me know before Friday so I can get it ready for us!
Stripe Connect: Payments platform for marketplaces & platforms
Balance Project lets SNAP recipients check their balances via text message.
The Business Messenger Reinvented Impact Access Program
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