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Smile Innovation's Watch - #6

Smile Innovation's Watch - #6
By Smile Innovation's team • Issue #6 • View online
Chatbot chatbot chatbot chatbot 🤖Everyone is talking about it around you and we’ll give you some cool knowledge about it so you’ll be able to shine like a star in the next chat ✨
We’ll also talk about how Coinbase go from 💰cryptocurrencies to KYC, how Google invests millions in 🚑health, redesign of Siri, facial recognition, new tools to understand how Google share your data with app’s developers and the plan of Mozilla to give all your DNS query made in Firefox to a single private company “for your own safety”.
Also, we feature 2 cool open sourcing : Github with his load balancer and NASA with the plans for making your own rover ! 🚀
Last but not least, some cool mobile apps projects at the end of this email 🎯
Hope you’ll enjoy reading it, this is Smile’s Innovation tech watch.

Innovation • /ˌɪnəˈveɪʃən/
The 3 Types of Chatbots
ING Netherland designing his banking chatbot
Aquisition • /ˌakwɪˈzɪʃ(ə)n/
Coinbase acquires Distributed Systems team
Alphabet invests $375 million in Oscar Health
Privacy • /ˈpɹaɪ.və.si/
Redesigning Siri and adding multitasking features to iOS
Facial Recognition Is the Perfect Tool for Oppression
Sharing your Google data with Apps - New - YouTube
Openness • /ˈəʊ.pən/ + /nəs/
GitHub - nasa-jpl/open-source-rover
GitHub’s open source load balancer
Mozilla's new DNS resolution is dangerous
Fun • /fʌn/
‎Room Racer AR on the App Store
Burrito Time
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