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Smile Innovation's Watch - #4





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Smile Innovation's Watch - #4
By Smile Innovation's team • Issue #4 • View online
That’s now the end of the second month of our watch over the internet for delivering you curated content about the innovation all around the world. In this edition, you’ll find voice recognition for automagical meeting notes creation, better voice synthesis from Google, AI that code or recognize all individuals of an entire population and robot that cook, and some good Press Campaign from WholeFoods on Instagram. We even include some press article to reflect on how Vocal Assistant will shape the future of our way of living, especially for our children and the first interview of Siri and Alexa on French radio.
Hope you’ll enjoy reading it, this is Smile’s Innovation tech watch.

Innovation • /ˌɪnəˈveɪʃən/
A robot cooks burgers at startup restaurant Creator - YouTube
A robot cooks burgers at startup restaurant Creator - YouTube
Privacy • /ˈpɹaɪ.və.si/
Les IA de reconnaissance faciale sont-elles dangereuses ?
Openness • /ˈəʊ.pən/ + /nəs/
No, Whole Foods was not hacked
Les assistants vocaux vont-il faire de nos enfants des tyrans ?
Fun • /fʌn/
#JEANPOD: the first smart speaker setting the scene
Qwant Sports Hololens
Siri and Alexa: 1st 📻 interview !
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