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Smartly.AI - May Update: Scalability for NLP

Smartly.AI - May Update: Scalability for NLP
By Smartly AI • Issue #19 • View online
Hi, the 2.10.0 is out with some interesting improvements for your bots!

All Smartly.AI updates, news and tips in a 5 min read.
All Smartly.AI updates, news and tips in a 5 min read.
Feature of the month:
Scalability for Natural Language Processing 🧠
At Smartly.AI, we are constantly working on the scalability of our platform to handle the inevitable increases in data and transactions of our customers.
As a first step in this long road to a fully autoscalable platform we started with the NLP stack wich was clearly the bottleneck.
We rebuilt its architecture from scratch to bring you this now fully multithreaded, containerized and autoscaled NLP stack
This new architecture has been rigorously tested against extreme scenarios. Each bot can now handle more than 17 millions requests per day.
We scale with you.
We scale with you.
It’s a great milestone. Stay tuned for the next steps 😉 .
Intents upload & download
As you may have more and more intents, sometimes you may want to keep a backup locally or just want to get rid of the UI and manipulate your data in a simple text editor. This is now even more simple with the new Upload / Download buttons in the Datasets module!
Intents samples are now super easy to download / upload
Intents samples are now super easy to download / upload
Automatic data deletion
As you know, you can’t keep user data ( conversations and profile) forever.
Our new privacy policy is to only keep the last 12 months of data so we created a script that deletes all conversations and logs 12 months older. The visualization below illustrates the process and its impact.
The automatic data deletion schedule
The automatic data deletion schedule
Note that we will start running this script in June 1st 2019. That lets you one month to leveraging your oldest convesations.
Fixes and updates
  • Added: We now ask you to type the name of the bot you want to delete to verify that you’re deleting the correct bot
  • Improved: Builder: More accurate Intent and Entity search
  • Improved: Datasets: More accurate search in the Inbox tab
  • Improved: Datasets: Upload/Download intent phrases buttons added to the Intents tab
  • Fixed: Account settings: Security patch
  • Fixed: Builder: Fixed several design issues for RTL languages
  • Fixed: Deleted bots are now removed from the masterbot lists
As always you can read more in our official changelogs.
That’s it for now, may the bots be with you.
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